Haven Season 5 Review “See No Evil”

Haven Season 5 Episode 1 See No Evil (5)

It seems like such a long time ago that we left Duke, Nathan, Jennifer, Audrey/Mara, Vince and Dave in the mysterious cave under the lighthouse. The Haven season 5 premiere picks up immediately after the blast and we find all our Havenites spread around town.

One of the big concerns at the end of season 4 was how Duke would survive with all the Troubles inside him. Mara pronounced him as good as dead, but he seems to have made a miraculous recovery. Of course, his relationship with the Troubles is something that will continue to be explored throughout the season. But, at least we can breathe a sigh of relief that he doesn’t appear to be in any imminent danger of death.

Duke is extremely desperate to find Jennifer, though. Everyone from the blast is accounted for except her. Mara thinks Jennifer is the key to opening the portal to the other realm where William is trapped, and Duke wants to find her before Mara does. By all accounts, Emma Lahana won’t be reprising the role of Jennifer this season, which means that Duke’s search can end in a couple ways. Jennifer could have been sucked into the other realm, she could simply be gone, or they might stumble on a body that is identified as Jennifer. I’m inclined to go with the first theory. This is a major blow as the Duke/Jennifer relationship was great. She fit so nicely into the cast and it was good to see Duke with someone rather than pining after Audrey.

Meanwhile, a new Trouble that is mutilating people sidetracks Dwight. His allegiance is still clearly to the town, even though he has a close relationship with Nathan, Audrey and Duke. It looks like his loyalty will be tested now that he’s found out that Mara is the cause of all the Troubles. Hopefully, before something happens that he’ll regret, Dwight will realize that Nathan is never going to let anyone hurt.

Mara is doing her best to show everyone that she is 100% original and that Audrey has died. She’s pretty convincing. In her search for the soft spots between Haven and the other realm, she shows just how un-Audrey she is. It’s shocking when she puts a bullet in the coffee shop guy’s head. It’s a deliberate brutality that we haven’t seen much on Haven. Most of the time people are hurt because someone can’t control his or her Trouble. Mara is in complete control.

Mara is also getting increasingly frustrated by being unable to move between the worlds. She’s convinced only Jennifer can solve her problem. What nobody seems to realize is that there is more going on with Dave. In his hospital bed, he has flashes back to the cave that suggest he may have had something to do with the blast. We haven’t fully explored his connection with the other realm, so that should be interesting.

As for Nathan, poor, poor Nathan. Last season, he finally managed to seal the deal with Audrey. Now, she’s gone. Or is she? Nathan confronts Mara and keeps talking to her as if Audrey is hidden somewhere inside. Mara doesn’t really appreciate this and puts a bullet in him. As he’s on the ground, Nathan professes his undying love to Audrey (causing the simultaneous breaking of fangirl hearts). Mara stands above him about to shoot again when her finger hesitates. She looks frustrated and confused for a split second before running off. This moment of hesitation is all the hope we need that Audrey is still in there and there’s a chance Nathan will get her back.

There’s a minute and a half sneak peek of next week’s new episode. It looks like Mara is going to get even worse. Emily Rose is doing such a fantastic job as Mara, it’s going to be great watching her get her evil side on this season.

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