Legends Season 1 Review “Rogue”

Legends (TNT) Episode 5 Rogue (5)

On the latest episode of “Legends,” we delved deeper into the back story of Martin Odum (Sean Bean) – or was that the back story of the man playing the “legend” of Odum? In “Rogue,” the man, whoever he was, set about finding out whether Odum was yet another alias he’d fallen into playing, with alarming results.

After a tense session with Dr. Hallstrom (Linda Park), Odum’s assigned psychiatrist at the FBI, it was decided by Crystal that it was time for Odum to take a well-deserved sabbatical, which was understandable after assuming the roles of two separate “legends” so close together. According to the psychiatrist, it wasn’t so much about his “legend” as it was his own identity as Odum, which he was clearly at odds with, having trouble settling into his “real” personality.

While Odum took his time off, Rice (Morris Chestnut) approached Crystal (Ali Larter) and let her into the loop on the McCombs case, which she subsequently helped him out with, and which eventually dovetailed into the case Odum was working on the side with in secret: his own.

Meeting with ex Sonya (Amber Valletta), she told him that he’d had a car accident back in February of 2004, in which he’d been hit by a supposed drunk driver. When he woke up after an extended period in a coma for three weeks, he had suffered major head trauma and had trouble remembering things, including his past, and even her, according to Sonya. But was she telling the truth?

A quick look online seemed to confirm this, but Odum still had questions. To that end, he sought out the book McCombs gave him, and discovered a series of numbers, which he gave to team member Maggie (Tina Majorino) to investigate. They proved to be a phone number for one Dennis Evans (Blake Robbins), a vet of the Iraq war suffering from PTSD that recognized him as part of his squad from back then, along with McCombs.

He even had a picture to prove it, although Odum himself has no recollection of this. Further complicating matters, it was taken in February 2004, the exact time frame in which Odum was supposedly in the hospital recovering from his accident, at least according to his ex wife. Even worse, everyone in the photo was dead but him and Evans, though that would change soon enough. As the saying goes, just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you. Evans found this out the hard way, as he was tortured and killed later on in the episode. But by who?

Evans put Odum on the trail of Kyle Dobson, who was allegedly in charge of the unit in question. One problem: Dobson was now a criminal wanted by Interpol, with a mile-long rap sheet that included war crimes that ran the gamut from stealing money, weapons and even stuff from Saddam Hussein! The file on him was redacted, but Maggie was able to suss out that Dobson was in Iraq from 2003-2006, and that he worked for a private military contractor called Verex and was involved with an covert operation known as “Raining Fire” for the Defense Department.

She also discovered that he was currently suspected of being involved in a smuggling ring in Houston. That meant it was time, once again, for Odum to assume another “legend,” this time, Len Barlow, a modern-day cowboy type known for gun-slinging and safe-cracking. Only this time Odum was essentially on his own, save Maggie’s help, going “rogue” as Crystal would later put it, hence the title.

Meeting up with old connection Chang (Brian Tee, of the TV version of the movie “Crash”), he gets a line on Dobson (Kirk Acevedo, of “Fringe”) via his girlfriend Tara (Ambyr Childers, of “Ray Donovan”). After knocking out her bodyguard and taking his keys, “Len” charms her into taking him to Dobson, where a shoot-out ensues and “Len” absconds with Dobson, shortly thereafter getting into a real wreck, which is where we leave him for this episode, though not before we discover that Dobson recognizes him from the Iraq war.

Beyond that, we discovered that McCombs was suffering from Dissociative Personality Disorder, and was having trouble remembering who he was, not unlike Odum himself. Rice and Crystal also find Evans dead, and eventually realize, after breaking into Odum’s place, that he’s gone off-book as Len Barlow. We also discover that Odum’s ex-wife is actively aiding in covering up what really went down with Odum in Iraq at the behest of an unknown figure, who gets her to contact him to make sure that the car wreck/coma thing holds up. Clearly, it does not, which means that someone higher up is definitely pulling the strings of whatever is going on here.

This was a solid enough episode that managed to explore Odum’s back-story while setting things up for another “legend” to be adopted in Len Barlow. Granted, this one seems to look like it’s going to be relatively short-lived, what with Odum’s cover essentially blown by Dobson recognizing him, but it was still a fun persona, and I really enjoyed the bits in the bar with Tara, having been a fan of the actress from “Ray Donovan.” The shoot-out at the auto shop was also tense and exciting, with the car wreck relatively unexpected, and a decent enough cliffhanger for next week’s episode.

What did you think of the episode of “Legends” this week? Did you like the main storyline of Odum searching for the truth about his past? What did you think of his latest “legend,” Len? What do you think really happened over in Iraq? Why is Sonya helping to cover it up, and were she and Odum even really married? What do you think Dobson was up to in Iraq, and how does it tie in with what Odum was up to when he was there? Let me know what you think down below and I’ll see you next week!