‘Haven’ Season 5 Interview: Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant Discuss The Oncoming Storm That Is Mara

Haven Season 5 Episode 1 See No Evil (4)

Haven returns to our television screens to begin season five tonight, Thursday, September 11th at 8PM on Syfy, and with that return comes the resolution of the monster season four cliffhanger(s). Recently, TV Equals joined in a conference call with Haven stars Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant to discuss what is ahead this season, who will be making pancakes for who and how Mara will wreak havoc in the lives of Nathan, Duke and the rest of the town.

Say So Long To Audrey and Hello Mara

Anyone who thought Mara would be eliminated quickly and Audrey Parker returned to her post as the Trouble whisperer will not be getting their wish anytime soon. Rose and Bryant, who are already starting work on the back half of the 26-episode season (or two seasons– no firm decision has been made on whether the two sets of 13 episodes will be one long season split in half or two separate seasons), hinted Audrey has yet to reappear. “We don’t know if Audrey comes back, do we? We don’t know how and when and if she does come back…” Rose insisted.

While this news may be distressing for fans, Rose is busy basking in the challenge of playing the morally complex Mara. The actress admitted there were times when even she couldn’t believe the words coming out of Mara’s mouth, but the freedom of playing a character where going big was a requisite appears to agree with Rose. “You know, it’s interesting to come back every year with some of the people coming back and playing the same people was kind of like they know these characters so backwards and forwards and up and down and having to come back and not play Audrey Parker, to play a totally different entity, a different person, a different, you know, personality, with getting to know someone new all over again and have those early conversations with the show runners and the writers about what we all felt like she would do and act and all of those things, you know. So giving birth to a new character is always a new adventure and very exciting,” Rose gushed. “And it was a real gift and I really appreciate them giving her to me in that way.”

As for Mara’s impact on the town, expect barbs to be thrown, Troubles to be born and Nathan to be on a quest to get Audrey back. For Bryant, the character of Mara represents one more battle Nathan has to fight in order to get Audrey back. One new element to Nathan’s dynamic with Audrey’s latest (original) altar ego involves some less than fun physical activities. “It’s a total treat to watch her and get to play with her except for the fact that she kicked my ass all over the town,” Bryant said. “So that’s a new development.”

On a more serious note, Bryant confirmed Mara will be excellent at manipulating and terrorizing the people who were closest to Audrey. “I mean for Nathan this is a nightmare, you know. I don’t want to – I can’t really tell you all the things that Mara is capable of but she is a force.”

Will Haven Still Be Troubled?

Haven has long been a Trouble of the week show with a complex mythology bubbling in the background. Now the mythology is by necessity being moved to the front burner opening up a new avenue of storytelling for the series. The Troubles will still be an integral part of the story (even offering a bit of comic relief with a Freaky Friday episode), but cliffhangers will be an almost weekly occurrence, with most episodes working in pairs. This development will actually lead to more intricate Troubles as it does away with the need to wrap each Trouble up in one hour.

“Personally I guess what I knew coming into this season was that we’d be shooting double episodes, blocks, and so that was exciting in that it promised instead of having to deal with the ‘Troubles’ so quickly and succinctly every week we had more time to explore really the effect that those ‘Troubles’ have on our characters,” Bryant said.

Additionally, Bryant has a greater insight into the world of Haven than ever before since he will be directing an episode in the second batch of episodes. While it was too soon to discuss the details of the second 13 episode run, both Bryant and Rose expressed excitement over the game changing events that launch the back half. While the “A” season, as Bryant and Rose dubbed the first 13 episodes, is about getting Audrey back, the “B” season is set to turn Haven upside down all over again. “There has recently been a huge shift in our world, and that’s an exciting journey we’re about to go on,” Bryant said in reference to the “B” season.

Pancake Time

Somehow during the call making pancakes became a euphemism for sex and Bryant and Rose were both adorable as they ran with the bit. As Audrey/Nathan fans will remember, Nathan and Audrey had some post-coital pancakes in season four. But who will be making pancakes with whom this season? I’ll let Bryant and Rose explain the pancake situation to you in their own words:

Emily Rose: Will there be any pancakes this season?

Lucas Bryant: There is some more steam this season, yes. Specifically, I’m not going to tell you who it’s between but I will tell you there is steam.

Emily Rose: Yes, there is steam.

Lucas Bryant: There is heat. There is a residual steam that comes from that heat exchange…

Emily Rose: There are several steams. There’s a lot of steam and a lot of combination of steams…

Lucas Bryant: …between a number of different characters, if you will.

Emily Rose: …and, you know, as all relationships are growing and ever so interesting there are different forms that steam takes, right?

And will Nathan be making pancakes with Mara? “If Nathan were to make pancakes with Mara there would be a really good reason for it,” Bryant teased.

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