Extant Season 1 Review “Before the Blood”

Extant Season 1 Episode 12 Before the Blood-4

On the penultimate episode of “Extant,” Molly finally got to meet the baby- only it wasn’t really a baby anymore, in “Before the Blood.” They grow up so fast! Okay, maybe not this fast, but hey, you know, alien baby and all. We also got to the bottom of the Katie being alive thing, and figured up what Sparks and company were really up to, as well as the alien’s nefarious plans to come to Earth and take over, at least to a certain degree.

First things first, though. We started off with the revelation that Sparks’ tactics were meant to stall the ISEA in order to further facilitate them not being able to contact and tip off the Seraphim and Glass about what was going on. Meanwhile, Molly had been used to throw the ship off course so that it would come into contact with the French ship also in orbit and they could deliver Katie to the Seraphim.

Except that, as we later discovered, it wasn’t really Katie. Rather, it was a Katie imposter, with the real Katie in the escape pod, looking to have given birth to the faux Katie, much like Molly did to her own baby- remember, Katie was adrift for some twenty-three months. Only, with no one to help, the birth had killed the real Katie. The episode ended with Glass discovering Katie’s real body and getting trapped by the alien Katie on the escape pod, as more of its kind stowed away on the hull of the ship. Clearly, the alien plans to crash land on Earth and take it over, one host at a time.

This was essentially confirmed by Molly’s baby, who we saw had gotten much bigger, looking more like a ten-year-old than a baby. He said that the alien species was dying out and that they were trying to come to Earth to survive and that only Molly could stop them. Not sure how, but she ended the episode by telling her husband that she had to go back into space to do just that. Apparently, the combination of alien and human allowed the baby just enough wiggle room to tell Molly what was going on, though he admitted he was essentially powerless against it, and had to do what it compelled him to do whether he liked it or not.

Meanwhile, Odin continued to poison Ethan against his parents, giving him the detonator and telling him if they tried to operate on him, he should “call” him and he’d come running, but to only do so in the lab and only if he was sure. Of course, we know that if he did that, it would set off a bomb that took down the lab and anyone in it at the time.

Fortunately, it was Julie that ended up taking a look at Ethan, ultimately talking him down off the ledge, only to later discover that Odin wasn’t who he said he was, and to realize what he was up to and race to find Dr. Woods and warn him and save Ethan, if possible. The episode ended for Julie when she found Ethan near the Woods house and they rode off together, safe for now. But does Odin have a detonator himself?

That was basically it, but the episode did a great job of tying up loose ends and setting up the finale, so mission accomplished there. As noted before, it may have taken the show a while to get going, but it did finally pay off in the end, or at least in terms of tying together the various disparate plot threads and making sense in the long run. Yes, it remains to be seen whether or not “Extant” will end strongly next week, and they may have lost a lot of viewers along the way due to the slow burn approach, but I have high hopes the show will go out strong.

If I had to guess, I’d say that Molly’s mission to stop the aliens from coming will likely succeed, but only in the case of Glass and the Seraphim. I think she’ll end up destroying that ship and vanquishing the aliens, but as you’ll recall, the French were also in contact with the aliens, so I suspect the big twist will be that they infected that ship as well and will have a second opportunity to get to Earth via that second ship- and that mission will succeed. That, of course, would set up a second season nicely, if that’s indeed what happens.

What do you think will go down in the season finale of “Extant”? Will Molly save the day? Will she save Glass in the process? Or will he die? Will the aliens be vanquished, or are they onboard the French ship, too? Does Odin have a back-up plan? How about Yasumoto? What will become of Sparks? Or the alien child? What will Ethan’s fate be? Sound off below and see you next week for the big finale!