The Bridge Season 2 Review “Eidolon”

The Bridge Season 2 Episode 10 Eidolon (2)

We have three more episodes left of The Bridge this season. Last year the David Tate storyline was wrapped up at the end of episode 11, with 12 and 13 serving as a prologue to this season’s arc. I’m curious to see if Elwood Reid decides to go a similar route this time around or not. The ratings were not great last season and are even lower now sadly. I hope FX gives it another chance. There is an infinite amount that Reid could tackle (and I’d like to see the Lost Girls of Juarez back to the forefront again), and The Bridge has proved in Season 2 that it’s more than up to the challenge.

More Thoughts As I Switch from a White Hat to a Black One:

– Part of me feels that Sonya and Marco got to Eleanor too quickly, but I’m glad to see it wasn’t dragged over 2 or 3 episodes (especially since they’ve also been hunting her all season). Eleanor knows her shit, yet she’s made too many mistakes recently to not get caught.

– Speaking of mistakes, putting Jaime in charge of disposing the bodies was a dumb idea Monte. Had they just been left in the house and Jamie gone with Monte and Eleanor, there’s a chance Sonya and Marco would have never found Hank. I also have a hard time believing neither Cesar nor Sonya and Marco could find Eleanor’s ledger. Hank didn’t have many places to hide it considering he was literally crawling on the ground. Just follow the blood in the dirt! That being said, those were my only qualms with the episode, and I can understand why both played out the way they did.

– I loved the scene of Sonya questioning Jaime (who is played wonderfully by Roman Arabia). Remember earlier when Marco had no problem talking with Kyle’s little brother but Sonya did? This time the situation was reversed. It hasn’t been stated what kind of mental disability Jaime possesses, but he has one. And Sonya is able to reason with him in a way Marco can’t because she lives that life every day.

– Another great piece of dialogue was that of Eleanor and the cashier. It wasn’t necessary to the plot but shed a little more light on our antagonist. And sometimes you just don’t want to buy two drinks!! What’s wrong with that?

– I liked seeing CIA Ian Hart (keep blanking on his character name) in the hot seat. Dude is slimy. Frye and Adriana have their work cut out though in questioning him. Bothering the cartel is one thing; bothering the CIA is a whole different can of worms.

– Bad Decisions Part 2: Galvan kidnapping Cerisola’s daughter.

– Hank and Cesar are still alive. Hank and Cesar are still alive.

– Monte switching hats is one of those moments that makes The Bridge special. My one question concerning him: is he not aware that Galvan wants Eleanor dead? Or does he but is working with Cerisola now?