POLL: Which Season Finale on Falling Skies Did You Enjoy the Most?

Alexis, Tom, Red Eye, Karen, Overlord - Falling Skies

Warning – I will be discussing current and possible future episodes of Falling Skies. If you are not up to date on your viewing and do not like spoilers, turn back now!

For those of you who have not heard, TNT has renewed Falling Skies for a fifth and final season in 2015. With the fourth season having recently ended – on a cliffhanger, darn it – I have been thinking about past season finales and which one I liked the most. Let’s do a brief review of each season finale to refresh our memories!

Season 1 (2 Part Finale – Mutiny and Eight Hours)

Karen and Overlord - Falling Skies

Season 1 ended with a two hour finale consisting of two episodes, which is the same way that season 4 ended. The first season was one of establishing characters, relationships and the storyline. We got to learn who these people were, and for some, their back stories. By the time we got to the season finale, we knew these characters pretty well and mostly understood their motivations. I say mostly because there does need to be some mystery surrounding characters to keep the show interesting.

For instance, during the first season, there was always a lingering doubt about Ben, and whether or not his former harnessed status made him a liability. In fact, this doubt lingered beyond season 1, and played a large part in the season 1 finale. Ben himself questioned his loyalties, and his ability to hear a radio transmission only played into his doubts.

The season finale was also where the Overlords made their first appearance, supposedly wanting to negotiate due to the unexpected resistance of humans to being subjugated. With the threat of forcing Ben to rejoin the harnessed, Tom goes with Karen and the Overlord onto the Espheni ship, his fate unknown until season 2!

Season 2 (Finale – A More Perfect Union)

Red Eye - Falling Skies

The finale for season 2 was just a single hour episode. As in season 1, season 2 was full of suspicion about characters and their loyalties. Season 2 brought us the renegade Skitter storyline, with the 2nd Mass working with them to defeat the Overlords. In the finale, the leader of the Rebel Skitters, Red Eye, comes to Charleston to present a plan to assassinate the Overlord who is in charge of the east coast military operations.

We also learned that Anne is pregnant with Tom’s child. Karen captures our heroes during an attempt to kill the Overlord, and in the course of torturing them for information, reveals Anne’s pregnancy, thus surprising Tom. Karen also manages to infect Hal with eye worms during a passionate kiss. The humans escape with the help of the Rebel Skitters, but unfortunately Red Eye dies in the fighting.

At the very end of the episode, several smaller alien ships land. An alien wearing armor emerges from the ship and smiles at the humans who have run outside to see what is happening. The Volm have arrived!

Season 3 (Finale – Brazil)

Falling Skies Season 3 Episode 10 Brazil (6)

Season 3 also ended with a one hour single episode finale. This season dealt with loyalties and betrayals, as it is discovered that Tom has been infected with eye worms by Karen, causing him to turn over Anne and Alexis to the Espheni. Karen then later tells Tom they are dead. Lourdes has also been infected with eye worms, acting as a mole in Charleston and assassinating President Hathaway. It was also revealed that Alexis has alien as well as human DNA.

In the finale, Anne and Alexis, thought to be dead, are reunited with Tom, Ben, Hal and Matt. But, to everyone’s consternation, Alexis has aged very quickly, appearing to be a six year old girl. Everyone is further surprised when Alexis is able to remove the eye worms from Lourdes, because previously only a Volm device was capable of doing that. Once the eye worms have been removed, she crushes them into dust in her hands.

Humans, working with the Volm, manage to take down the defensive grid that the Espheni have erected over the planet, allowing more Volm ships to enter the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the joy from this victory is short lived, as Tom and Dan learn that the Volm plan to relocate all humans to another continent so they can fight the Volm without “humans getting in the way.” The 2nd Mass is not willing to go along with this plan. Cochise helps them escape before being relocated, even providing them with weapons.

Season 4 (2 Part Finale – Space Oddity and Shoot the Moon)

Alexis and Tom Mason - Falling Skies

Season 4, like season 1, had a two hour, two episode finale. I have said it before, but I think it bears repeating – this program has always been about family, but I think that in the fourth season, the focus on family, traditional and untraditional, was the strongest. The storylines and character journeys in season 4 were firmly grounded in the strong familial relationships between the characters.

After having been misled by her Espheni father, in the finale, Lexi returns to the 2nd Mass. Unfortunately, trust issues continue to plague the 2nd Mass, and her family rejects her. Thankfully the influential voice of Weaver, no doubt still smarting from the loss of his daughter, prevails in convincing Tom and Anne to allow Lexi to accompany Tom to the moon instead of Ben.

This leads to Tom and Lexi spending some quality time together, which is critical to the storyline as Lexi tries to resolve her guilt over what she has done and tries to win back her place in the family. Unfortunately, her path to redemption leads to her apparent sacrifice by steering the Beamer into the power source on the moon. I say apparent sacrifice, because we do not actually see her die and of course, in sci-fi, no one ever dies. permanently!

Down on earth, there is also a lot of emotional push and pull transpiring. The 2nd Mass is fighting a paralyzing fog which is a prelude to the attack slugs that turn humans into Skitters. This allowed the various main characters to pair or triple off with other main characters, and an occasional red shirt, allowing the exploration of the dynamics of the relationships.

Finally, it is important to mention that at the very end of the finale, we see a vague image of a humanoid alien with four legs – which appears to Tom as his ship spins out of control on an unknown vector. This will no doubt play heavily in season 5 next year.


So, what finale do I choose? It is a very tough call, since all four finales had elements I really enjoyed. But, I think I will have to go with season 4, since the strong family theme really appeals to me.

Which finale did you vote for? After you vote, tell me about it in the comments section below! I love hearing your thoughts.