Supernatural Chat: 6 Things I Miss from Season 6


Hey there, Supernatural fans! We’re down to the last three Supernatural Chats before the Season 10 premiere and I can hardly believe how close it is. I won’t be doing a roundup of my favorite things from Season 9 as, well, it’s a little too soon to be missing stuff from the season that just ended. Also, who’s to say that some of the things I miss might not end up back in Season 10?

But that still leaves three more seasons to gush over, so let’s continue with the next season on the list. Here are 6 things I miss from Supernatural Season 6.

Lisa and Ben

I fully expect for rotten fruit to come flying through my window any second now for saying this, but yes, there are times when I miss Dean’s little family. It warmed my heart to see our big, tough Dean be the man of a house and raising a son. All he ever wanted was a normal life and this was his chance to find out what it was really like. Of course he discovered pretty quick it wasn’t for him, but it was still nice that Lisa and Ben gave him that chance.

SUPERNATURAL (CW) Live Free Or Twihard

Vampire Dean

If you’ve been reading my Supernatural articles for even a little while, chances are you are fully aware of how much I enjoy it when Jensen Ackles gets to play Dean as a different kind of character. I love it when Jared Padalecki gets to play another kind of Sam, but we’ve seen that a lot more often so I tend to cherish the Dean experiences a bit more. Watching Dean transform, even partially, into a vampire was beyond all my wildest expectations. It was intriguing to see how much of himself remained and what part of the vampire blood he couldn’t fight off. I was of course happy to get the real Dean back, but Vampire Dean was great, too.

Soulless Sam

Speaking of Jared playing another version of Sam, I’d have to say that Soulless Sam is one of my favorites. Before we know what was wrong with him, I was afraid that Dean was hanging out with a demon occupying Sam’s body. The reality was, in many ways, so much worse. The person freaking Dean out and doing all of these terrible things was not another “creature” in Sam’s meat suit, it was Sam himself – minus his soul. Once we found out what was going on, I started to appreciate Soulless Sam and I have to say that he cracked me up more than once. I wouldn’t want Sam to be like that forever, but Soulless Sam did have his benefits.

SUPERNATURAL The French Mistake Season 6 Episode 15

The Supernatural Alternative Universe

“The French Mistake” is high on my list of meta episodes for this show. In fact, I don’t think there’s been another episode that went as meta as this one did. From the boys learning that they had books written about their lives, to meeting a mega fan and even ending up at a Supernatural convention, nothing came close to them being dropped into a world where they were actors on a show called Supernatural. The episode gave the cast and creators a golden opportunity to make fun of themselves, and us fans too, and it was glorious. There was just enough reality in it for us super fans to recognize and delight over. But at the same time, the world was tweaked just enough to make it ridiculously fun. Sometimes I wish we could go back to that universe and see how that other Jared and Jensen are doing now that they are heading into Season 10.

Cowboy Sam and Dean

Another spectacular episode in Season 6 was “Frontierland.” It wasn’t quite meta, but it was hilarious and it gave both the boys and the fans the chance to live out some fantasies. I mean who hasn’t wanted to play cowboy since they were a little kid? For that matter, what fangirl or fanboy hasn’t wanted to see Sam and Dean as cowboys? Like most of the show’s more adventurous episodes, it wasn’t done only for silliness, there was actually a deep story that involved the colt and the ability to kill Eve.


Season 6 had a Big Bad to beat all others. She was the Mother of All and created the Alphas, who were the fathers of their monster species. At that point in the series, Sam and Dean had battled everything from demons to angels, but Eve gave them a whole new challenge. I enjoyed her as she wasn’t evil for evil’s sake. Her purpose was to keep order in the universe as she saw fit and she didn’t necessarily want to kill people, unless they got in her way. The conflict of the character was appealing, despite her devious ways.

Once again I could probably keep on going all day. It’s been a blast delving back into each season of this series to find all of those characters and episodes that meant a lot to me.

Now it’s your turn, Supernatural fans. What do you miss from Season 6? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!