The Strain Season 2 Review “The Disappeared”

The Strain Episode 9 The Disappeared (5)

On the latest episode of “The Strain,” we once again started where we essentially left off, with “The Disappeared.” As Dr. Goodweather and his motley crew of Abraham Setrakian, Nora Martinez, Vasiliy Fet and Dutch Velders made their way towards the former’s house to check on his family, his son Zack was dropped off by the amusingly irascible Diane (Inga Cadranel, of “Orphan Black” and “Lost Girl” fame) to what appeared to be an empty house- at first- but proved to be inhabited by the now-infected Matt.

I liked that they didn’t waste time showing the confrontation between Matt and the infected we saw him about to get into it with at the end of an episode a few weeks ago, and just assumed that we’d get the idea without needing to actually show it. Obviously, that wasn’t going to end well for Matt, and we already know that the infected tend to head towards the people they love and cherish. Both Zack and Kelly fit that bill, so cutting to the chase and showing that he was already infected and at the house waiting for someone to get home made perfect sense without having to show everything that happened in between.

Thankfully, Dr. G. got there in time to take out Matt and save Zack, though he and Nora ultimately had to hang back and clean up, in case Kelly wasn’t aware of what was going on and came home to find her boyfriend decapitated and looking worse for the wear to boot, what with the wormpire stuff, not to mention the evidence he’d been in a tangle even before running afoul of Dr. G. and co. That was understandable, but perhaps they should have let that booty call go unanswered, what with Diane coming back to check up on Kelly and Zack, only to find Eph and Nora knocking boots in his old bedroom. Awkward!

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang went by Dutch’s, ostensibly to drop her off, but there were wormpires in the building, which Fet made quick work of, so they didn’t stay long. Besides that, her pal Nikki (who you’ll recall got out of the convenience store most of the crew got trapped in while the getting was good), had raided their place for cash and even her computer stuff, which was her real reason for being there. She later confessed her connection to Palmer and the internet/cell phone outages to Abraham, who put two and two together and realized that Palmer was in league with none other than his old foe Eichorst.

Speaking of which, we got another extended flashback to Abe’s time in Poland during WWII, as he finally met the Master face-to-face and he/it crippled his hands, making the Master’s coffin likely the last thing he would ever be carving, and also sealing his fate with Eichorst. Put aside with a group of others that were scheduled to be killed by a firing squad by the Germans, after Eichorst discovered what had happened to him, he was saved when an attack went down and Abe and his fellow prisoners made a break for it and escaped the camp.

Eichorst also escaped and met up with the Master, who kept his promise to transform him into a fellow wormpire, which wasn’t that different from typical vampire siring we’ve seen in other movies and shows, only instead of having Eichorst feed on him, the Master simply opened up a deep cut on Eichorst’s arm, and then his own and pulled out a worm and put it in Eichorst’s wound, beginning the process.

Finally, there was Gus, who was still in a detention center in Manhattan when the show began, but was later put on a van to be transported to jail with an increasingly sicker Felix. Felix finally made the transition shortly thereafter, first killing the cop driving, then the other one up front, before Gus was able to get a hold of the keys and get himself out of there before tossing the keys to the others present to give them a fighting chance after grabbing the cop’s gun and shooting poor Felix. Will he head to the pawn shop and meet up with the rest of the crew? Only time will tell.

That was about the gist of the episode. Though not as concentrated and action-oriented as the last self-contained episode, it was still pretty action-packed and moved along at a nice little clip. The jail transpo break-out was exciting, and the initial scene at Zack’s house was suitably intense. I liked that they cut to the chase with the Matt situation and the scenes with Diane were very welcome and amusingly abrasive in a show that doesn’t always find time for humor.

While- to a certain degree, at least- the show often feels a bit connect-the-dots to me, at least there wasn’t anything here as ridiculous as the way Dutch just happened to be in the store last week or when the ME just happened to be in the area when Dr. G. was with the cops. I had no problem with any of the developments this week, including the stuff with Matt or Dutch, so there’s that. Overall, it was a solid enough episode, without anything too objectionable plotting-wise.

What did you think of “The Strain” this week? Did you have any problem with the plot machinations this time around? How about Nora and Dr. G. hooking up? Or Diane dropping Zack off without seeing him in? Are you glad Dutch decided to stick with the team? How about Fet? What did you think of Abe and Eichorst’s flashbacks? What did you think of the Master’s look? (I thought it was sort of like a cartoonish version of Nosferatu, personally.) What do you hope will happen in the last few episodes of the first season? Sound off below and see you next week!