Ray Donovan Season 2 Review “Snowflake”

Previously on Ray Donovan . . .
– Abby’s cheating was revealed.
– Avi cried about it.
– Lena thought it was about time.
– Kate was pissed as her Sully story unraveled.
– Claudette’s husband came to a party with a woman on his arm who was not Claudette.
– Bunchy had a job and a woman.
– The Cookie monster – not the blue adorable one on Sesame Street – proved that his reputation was more important than money, as he shot Re-Kon and Marvin Gaye Washington for having the audacity to offer him money in lieu of managerial rights to the young musician on the rise.

With so much covered in the previously on section, I expected a jam packed episode. Indeed, this week was a bit sprawling as we covered a lot of ground with Bunchy, Mickey, Ray and all of Ray’s problems. It’s amazing that the Ray Donovan writers manage to find time with the secondary characters, considering how many problems Ray has with his personal and professional life. On to the highlight reel:

Ray vs. the Cookie Monster
The episode picked up shortly after Bridget witnessed Cookie kill Marvin and Re-Kon. Ray picked her up and took her to safety in his apartment. The writers managed to find a few seconds for Conor, as he shared the news of Marvin’s murder with Abby, who promptly went into crazy Abby mode. Granted, Abby’s reaction was well deserved, as she any mother would be in fear for their daughter’s safety under these circumstances. Abby’s default mode of yelling and antagonizing rarely gets her far with her husband, who understands that remaining calm makes Abby even angrier.

Abby took the ranting and profanity hurling a step too far this week, as she asked Jim to intervene and go get Bridget from Ray. I try to be sympathetic to Abby because fans are pretty hard on the character, but watching her ask Jim to go over and get Bridget made it so hard to like her in that moment. What a horrible idea. I also can’t help but think that her reaching out to Jim was as much about getting Bridget home as it was about pissing Ray off.

Ray goes into fixer mode, collecting Bridget’s clothes for disposal and instructing Bridget to shower. He then coaches Abby on what her official story is – she was in the car, she got frustrated with Re-Kon’s smoking (weed) and driving and demanded that she be let out of the car two blocks before Re-kon pulled up to the stoplight where he and Mavin were murdered. It’s not a bad story, but I would probably tell Bridget to say that she parted ways with Re-Kon and Marvin at the studio. Isn’t it possible that the Cookie monster would have been following Marvin and Re-Kon two blocks away? I’m still not sold on the idea that Cookie has no idea that Bridget was in the car. I can’t help but think that he is totally mind-f@cking Ray because he knows that it would motivate Ray to meet his demands and give him leverage over Ray for future favors, if necessary. Cookie is just one of those characters who makes you feel uneasy at all times.

Another unexpected complication for Ray’s cover story is that Bridget broke down and told Abby, who then made the horrible mistake of inviting Jim to her marital home and speak with Bridget. Abby is impulsive and Jim is a cop – they are the last two people I’d want knowing a secret that has criminal implications.

As an aside, I hate that even in her grief, Bridget found the energy and time to be nasty to her mother. Bridget is such a smart ass when it comes to her mother’s personal life and extra marital affairs, so it’s hard to believe that she wouldn’t suspect that her father has had his share of women as well. He’s got his own home, there are nights when he doesn’t come home and yet, we rarely see Bridget giving him a hard time. Although it’s natural for kids to irrationally blame one parent more than the other over the breakup of a family, it doesn’t mean that it’s entertaining to watch. I wanted to feel sad for Bridget and instead, I was just annoyed with her. She and Abby are always so hit or miss for me, but I ultimately find Abby more entertaining to watch.

Bridget stuck with her lie and for now, it looks like she’s in the clear. Of course, the entire scene outside the police station in which Cookie embraced her and called her Snowflake was so uncomfortable to watch. I don’t believe for a second that the Cookie monster is done with the Donovan family.


The best moment of the entire episode was the image of Mickey and his roommate (whose name I can’t remember) sunbathing outside their apartment. Mickey is going to get his roommate killed with this rob the week spot caper. I don’t see it ending well at all and I honestly think Mickey needs a friend right now more than he needs money.

I was glad that Mickey told Claudette about her husband, but I wasn’t shocked that she already knew about her husband’s extra-marital dalliances. I don’t know what to make of Claudette and Mickey right now, but Jon Voight was outstanding in the scene between the two. He looked so crush when he realized that Claudette was rejecting him and throwing the same criticisms as at him that he’s repeatedly heard from his family.


Oh, Bunchy. I want so much for Bunchy to have nice things and not to be in pain. That, of course, would take a lot of therapy and a lot of time. I knew that the moment Bunchy got a love interest, who happened to be a single mother with a son, it would be a stress point for Bunchy. I so wanted him to tell his girlfriend what he’d been through, but I don’t know if things would have ended any differently between the two.

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