Masters of Sex Season 2 Review “Story of My Life”

Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 9 Story of My Life 3

On the latest episode of “Masters of Sex,” things finally reached a breaking point with all concerned, particularly on Masters’ end. In “Story of My Life,” the show did what it does incredibly well when it’s in the zone- which it is more often than not- namely, juggling multiple plot points all the while carefully making sure the various plotlines not only go well together, but work on multiple levels for the viewer, who invariably know more than the characters at any given time. I really love that quality about the show, and it just goes to show how carefully each and every scene and even lines of dialogue are selected and written.

For instance, the ongoing focus on sexual dysfunction reached an apex of sorts, no pun intended, with Masters talking Lester into participating in the study himself, after admitting he’d had some troubles in the erectile dysfunction area since his girlfriend left him in Hollywood. At the same time, Johnson continued her “undercover” work at the psychiatrist Madden’s office, as she pretended to be Barbara, who was suffering from vaginismus, and was also involved in incest with her brother, which Johnson believed led directly to her problem. Of course, this wouldn’t be “Masters of Sex,” if Masters and Johnson didn’t ultimately realize they’d learned as much about themselves from these studies as they did about their subjects at hand.

To that end, Johnson eventually confessed her own issues regarding her ongoing affair with the married Masters to the aforementioned psychiatrist, while Masters recognized his own issues by virtue of listening to Lester talk about his, as well as his run-in with his family, notably the stuff with Francis at the AA meeting and the subsequent conversation about it the morning after. All of it led Masters to realize that the excessive amount of alcohol he’d been drinking as of late wasn’t helping, and that his hang-ups, at least in part, sprung from guilt over having left his brother behind to suffer the same way he did at the hands of their father. Likewise, Libby realized the same thing after talking to Francis’ wife Pauline about the latter’s alcoholism condition and checkered past.

Libby also continued her crusade to right the wrong she’d done by refusing initially to comment on the potential suspects she’d seen fleeing the crime with Gilroy by going to the Freedom Now Core and trying to give her testimony on Gilroy’s behalf. Unfortunately, Robert decided that her help would do more harm than good, and summarily dismissed her. But Libby being Libby, she came back later on, determined to help by any means necessary, even if it meant suffering the humiliation of being a sandwich gofer.

I’m not going to lie, Libby’s ongoing plotlines this season have left me cold for the most part. It’s not that I don’t feel compassion for the victim, but rather that this storyline is a bit too on-the-nose and coy for my tastes. I get that Libby wants to do more with her life than be a housewife and mother, but her actions practically scream “white guilt” and, as such, it rubs me the wrong way a little bit. What might be more interesting would be if Libby ended up having an affair with Robert or someone at the office. That might be a fascinating development if they can figure out how to address it on the show in a way that also reflects whatever’s going on with M&J. As it stands, though, the word meh comes to mind when it comes to Libby herself.

All in all, though, a really great episode that was exceptionally well-crafted and extremely well-written. This truly is one of the best episodes on television right now, and I can’t recommend it enough! What did you think of “Masters of Sex” this week? Do you think that Masters and Johnson will work out their problems now that they know some of the reasons why they’ve been struggling with them for so long? What about Lester? Or Barbara? What do you think of the Libby storyline? Sound off down below and see you next week!