Under the Dome Season 2 Review “Black Ice”

Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 11 Black Ice 1

On the latest episode of “Under the Dome,” the weather took a turn yet again, this time for the freezing, in “Black Ice.” We began with the reveal that the egg had indeed made a successful journey to Zenith, but that the powers that be there were having no luck doing anything with it, including even something as simple as picking it up. Indeed, the hazmat-suited person who tried, ended up getting a Big Jim-style reaction from the egg, which shocked him and threw him down. The egg situation also apparently had a direct effect on Melanie, who passed out early on and was sickly throughout the episode, to the point of almost dying.

Later on, Hunter made the connection and tried to help Melanie by telling the outside forces to stop messing with the egg, as the effects on Zenith might be catastrophic. Joe, after going through Hunter’s stuff, saw enough to be wary of Hunter and follow him, but Hunter came clean about who he worked for and said he was only telling them that so they’d back off, which makes sense- though it may not stop them. Whatever the case, they must have either done so, or done something else entirely we didn’t see, but it did indeed change things within the dome. Though arguably not for the better, as it went from revolving and generating freezing weather to the dome actually contracting and shrinking inward!

Meanwhile, Big Jim found out the ramifications of his actions, which didn’t exactly endear him to anyone, least of all Pauline, who admitted she’d only come back for Junior, not him. To try and make up for it, he went in search of fuel to run the generator in the school when it ran out of gas. He also successfully rescued Lyle, even though Pauline confessed she loved him and that he got her in a way Big Jim never would. It seemed to have worked to a certain degree, but it still doesn’t change the fact that Big Jim may have completely ruined the town’s chances of escaping alive.

Also not faring too well were Barbie and Julia, whose happy reunion was cut short by a wreck in the ambulance he was driving, which resulted in Julia getting impaled by a steel rod which Barbie was afraid to remove, lest she bleed out and die from loss of blood. Later on, that fear was replaced by a fear of them freezing to death when the ambulance’s engine ran out of gas and the skylight broke, letting in the freezing weather. This led to Julia almost dying of hypothermia, but on the plus side, it also allowed Barbie to remove the rod without her bleeding out and get her to the restaurant, where he was able to revive her, but just barely.

That was about it, save Lyle’s declaration that the end was nigh and that the world would soon be on fire, whatever that means. Maybe the inward collapse of the dome will cause an explosion and everyone will be trapped inside the dome and burned alive, as if they were in a crock pot or something. Okay, that seems a bit harsh, but it definitely looks like things are going to get worse before they get better again.

I’m more concerned about whether they are going to end this thing while the ending’s good or continue to drag it out for yet another season. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but as it stands, there’s only two more episodes this season, so if they’re going to continue, they best have one hell of a satisfying conclusion to the season that doesn’t feel like a stall or a cheat, and that’s a tall order, given how much postponing of the inevitable they did already this season.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like the show, but part of a show’s success is knowing when to say when, and I’m not sure this show does. I would be willing to give the show the benefit of the doubt if it did something really radical and unexpected, but just what that would be remains to be seen. I do know that a cliffhanger in the style of last season’s finale would not be a wise way to go.

If this show is to continue, the finale needs to be a total game-changer, like the current dome coming down, and perhaps a new one going up elsewhere, i.e. Zenith. But even that would be a dubious move, as it would mean we’d have an entire town of people we didn’t know, save Barbie’s dad and maybe those thugs he ran afoul of. I suppose a whole new cast could work if they were that desperate to sustain the premise, but I think a better move would be to widen the scope and show who or what’s responsible for the dome in the first place, and maybe have them do something major elsewhere, like maybe a series of domes emerging all across the world or something. That might be interesting, but that’s still a big if.

What did you think of “Under the Dome” this week? Are you glad Julia made it through okay? How about Lyle? What did you make of his premonitions? Do you think Hunter meant well, or is he just covering his tracks? What’s the connection with Melanie and the dome and the egg, and will she die with the egg elsewhere? Will Pauline get her visions back, or have they shifted over to Lyle? How do you think they will stop the dome from contracting? What will happen next? Sound off below with your thoughts and see you next week!