Outlander Season 1 Review “Rent”

Outlander 2014

“It doesn’t matter where you come from. You’re here.”

“Rent” did not top “The Gathering” in terms of Outlander watching for me (the boar hunt and Geordie’s death just hit the right note). That being said, it was very much a solid transitioning point from everything that took place at Castle Leoch to what looks to be a huge Black Jack Randall episode next week. And I’m perfectly okay with having a more low-key outing this time if it means an explosive one following (along with more Tobias Menzies).

More Thoughts As I Save the Goat!

– Claire made plenty of presumptions regarding Dougal and the rent money, but I don’t fault her for them. She’s being held against her will by him, and even Jamie seemed annoyed at being paraded again and again. Still, I think her answer to Lieutenant Jeremy Foster’s question about willfully being with the Scots will be ‘yes.’ I just think Black Jack will make an appearance and screw everything up. Also, was Foster following her and the MacKenzies for weeks or did the meeting at the end of the episode happen upon coincidence? And if he was following them, was it because of Claire or a mistrust of the MacKenzie clan in general (being possible Jacobites)?

– After 5 episodes I now specifically know who is Angus and who is Rupert. Excelsior! And it was obvious that Angus started the fight over Claire even before Murtagh mentioned why. It’s like having a sibling. Only the family can make fun of them!

– Glad we got to see a sprinkling of Frank again before Black Jack’s reappearance next week. It highlights their differences even more.

– I liked Ned Gowan (Bill Paterson). He reminds me of Nathaniel Sackett played by Nathan Root on Turn. And boy did he give Claire the cold shoulder quickly after her warning about the Jacobites fighting a lost cause. The exposition regarding the whole rebellion was also handled well- not boring or heavy-handed, and made all the more poignant and sad as being told by Frank.

– MVP again goes to Graham McTavish. Dougal, sir, you are a complicated man, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

– Claire’s masturbation joke cracked me up. As Pink would say, “It’s just U + Ur Hand tonight.”

– As Seen on TV in Scenery: the opening shot of Claire looking over the lake. Stunning.

– As Seen on TV in Wardrobe: Claire’s coat. I need it (but with fake fur) stat!