Intruders Season 1 Review “Time Has Come Today”

Intruders (BBC America) episode 3 Time Has Come Today (5)

Well, much like the characters on the show, Intruders took another bipolar swing in quality this week. After the second episode seemed to suggest the show had a strong grasp on where it was going heading forward, “Time Has Come Today” brought things to a grinding halt. There’s still time for things to pick up again, but this sort of wasted episode really stands out in a season with only eight total.

The bulk of this week was dedicated to Jack’s return home, where he finally found Amy. What followed was a long, dull confrontation between the two with sudden, jarring tonal shifts and a dissatisfying conclusion. From the start, I was worried, as Jack was just too causal about Amy’s return; really, he’s been too casual overall given the weirdness he’s seen so far. His wife disappearing is one thing; her boss covering it up and two dudes trying to beat him up over her is another.

And then there’s Amy’s behavior, which is downright schizophrenic. She goes from telling Jack she could never leave him to demanding a separation in the next scene, all of this happening before the pupil dilation that normally signals a change. Really, these scenes just went on far too long for such a small gain; if the goal was to have Amy leave Jack, just have her do it and leave. That way, we could move right along into Jack teaming up with his friend to figure out what’s really going on.

Madison and Richard, meanwhile, continued their game of cat-and-mouse with little change. It was kind of a big deal to see Madison was capable of murder, but there were still a lot of scenes that ultimately went nowhere and didn’t tell us anything new about the character. Richard fared better, as his conversation with a potential target told us that not only has this secret society of body switchers been around for thousands of years, but that they are led by a central council of nine individuals. Still pretty vague, but it’s something.

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