Siblings Series 1 Review “Burrito Neighbours”


I was really happy coming out of last week’s episode of Siblings, as I thought it was an instalment that finally got the balance right between Hannah and Dan being awful, unlikeable people and being slightly misguided, love-to-hate figures. The week, that continued for Hannah but, for Dan? Not so much.

Seeing them interact with other people is the key, I think, and bringing their mother into things last week brought out a lot of vulnerabilities that nicely informed how we perceive their behaviour. Hannah, this week, got her own love interest and, aside from how she tried to get her way when things went belly up, acted like a recognisable human being.

The romance was sweet and chaste, and didn’t really involve Hannah screwing anyone over. Her tactics for keeping Brin in the country rather than going off to Bible College in Scotland weren’t the best, but it was great to see her being functional at last.

Dan, meanwhile, went straight back to the annoying persona we’ve seen since the first episode, this time impersonating their rich neighbour after he requested they take care of his fish. It’s amusing enough, I suppose, but Dan is a character that would work so much better with a little substance.

We were given that last week when he took an interest in and was rejected by a girl but, by having him retreat back to the irritating man-child this week, any progress made was instantly erased.

We only have one week of Siblings left before the first series is over, and it’s a shame that it hasn’t really lived up to its potential. There’s still something there that, should it be blessed with another episode order, could be realised, but for now it just feels like a good idea without a successful execution.

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