Doctor Who Series 8 Review “Robot of Sherwood”

Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 3 Robot of Sherwood (4)

For me, the historic episodes of Doctor Who have been hit-or-miss since the revival. While episodes like “Vincent and the Doctor” can be emotional powerhouses, the dreadful “The Unquiet Dead” is still my least favorite episode of the new run. With that in mind, I’m happy to report that “Robot of Sherwood” stands as one of the best historical episodes, even if the featured historical figure is more fiction than fact.

In fact, if “Robot of Sherwood” is any indicator, Capaldi will likely feature in some of the funniest light-hearted episodes of the series. While the Matt Smith’s Doctor reveled in ridiculous situations, the Twelfth Doctor was an absolute curmudgeon throughout his adventure with Robin Hood. Much like last week, he wants to prove that his first instinct is correct, and it’s far more enjoyable watching him be a stick in the mud about the jovial characters surrounding him than watching him accept the Daleks as evil.

That said, it’s great to see a uniform personality for the Doctor coming through, despite how different the adventures so far have been. He’s a far more arrogant, serious figure than his recent incarnations, one that’s bothered by having his own secrets revealed while he does his best to ferret out the secrets of others. Also, he’s far less fond of humanity, once again referring to people as “pudding heads” when they agitate him.

As I said, this was a really fun episode, and a lot of that was due to the rivalry between the Doctor and Robin Hood. From their battle on top of the log to their squabbling in the dungeon, they were a delightful pairing, to the point that I was hoping Robin would take off in the TARDIS with them at the end of the episode. They certainly made a great trio, working together to fire a golden arrow and launch an exploding rocket ship into space. Again, that sentence alone is a summation of how absurdly awesome this episode was. Also, in keeping with the upbeat spirit of the episode, I was glad to see that Robin wasn’t a robot, but a true living legend.

Perhaps the one downside to the episode was that the villains were only okay. Ultimately, the boiled down to more alien robots, and far less interesting ones than the clockwork creatures in the premiere. That said, I liked the smarm of the Sheriff, as well as his desire to face Robin Hood in an honorable one-on-one encounter.

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