Cuckoo Series 2 Review “Ken at Work”


After the first episode of this second outing of Cuckoo, I’ve felt like the balance of characters and stories hasn’t quite come together. Taylor Lautner’s Dale has been a pretty effective replacement for the first series’ titular character, sure, but without the family dynamic that made the show a surprise hit, what was it worth if he was good on his own or not?

Well this episode, ‘Ken at Work’, was most probably my favourite of the second series, and it barely featured Dale at all. We’ve finally reached the point where he’s established enough as a character to not actually be front and centre. Having him there makes sense now, and the show is able to relegate him to the background between gags.

He was as important as Dylan in this episode, which is to say very important, just used little and often to optimum effect. Something as simple as watching him catch up with the digital age was a highlight of the entire series.

This leaves characters like Ken and Rachel to take the stage, and they did so brilliantly this week. The storyline efficiently brought everyone together (with the exception of Lorna and Dylan, who had their own poetry b-adventure) in a way that felt inevitable, rather than contrived. The jokes were edgier than they have been all year, and it gave Greg Davies plenty of opportunity to do what he does best.

In short, a week before we’re done with the show – possibly for good with the fate of BBC Three still a question mark – Cuckoo has finally gotten its groove back. I just hope that next week’s finale is just a strong, so that we can go out on a high.

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