My Top 5 Weird Happenings on Under the Dome

Junior, Melanie, Barbie, Julia, Norrie, Joe - Under the Dome

Warning – this article discusses some recent events on Under the Dome. If you are not up to date in your viewing, you might want to bookmark it and come back later!

Under the Dome, currently in its second season with only three episodes left, is getting weirder by the minute. Originally planned to be a one season long mini-series, based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, the successful ratings cause CBS to rethink their plans. A second season was ordered, Mr. King came in and wrote the first episode of the second season, and of course, many changes had to be made.

As it was, there were changes from the book to the TV show right from the start. I have not read the book, but my understanding is that new characters were added, including Dale Barbara (thank you writers!). Other characters changed jobs or were combined. And, the book focused on the entire event lasting one week, whereas that TV program lasted longer, so had to address limited resource issues in a different way.

Exiting the Dome

Julia and Barbie - Under the Dome

Up until the end of “The Fall,” which aired September 1, there was a way out of the dome. And it was childishly simple. Just enter through a locker in the high school, climb down to the tunnels no one knew were below the school and town, and when you came to the big ledge that appears to drop off into the big black hole of darkness, take that leap of faith and step off. Simple, right? You would wake up on a playground in the neighboring town of Zenith.

However, now that Big Jim made Norrie throw the egg off the cliff, the bottomless cavern now has a bottom, as Phil found out the hard way. So, we are now back to square one when it comes to escaping.

Re-Entering the Dome

The Red Door - Under the Dome

The real question is not so much how to get back into the dome, but rather, why would anyone want to go back into the dome? Under what circumstances would you knowingly and willingly go back to a place where there is not enough water, food or medicine? As it turns out, love conquers all, including common sense!

So, to re-enter the dome, all you need to do is find the red door, go into the root cellar, and then walk through the door that was not there in the past. Um, ok, so yeah, it is a bit of problem to find the red door, and then you need to know that there is a new door down in that cellar, so this part of the process depends on local knowledge. Maybe it is not so easy to get back. which probably is a good thing!

Now for the weird part of the process! You will experience a swirly, psychedelic fog, followed by visions from your past, or if you don’t have a past is Chester’s Mill there are no visions, before emerging in the middle of a lake. Hope you can swim! Here is my one burning question – before our heroes returned to Chester’s Mill, wouldn’t it have been a good idea to try and bring some food or something back with them?

Of course, after what happened in “The Fall,” it may be that you cannot re-enter the dome via this method anymore.

Are They Really Dead?

Melanie Cross - Under the Dome

As detailed in an earlier article, the death toll in Chester’s Mill has been pretty high – Under the Dome: Not a Safe Place to Be! (RIP Phil Bushey, the most recent casualty). But, it appears the dome has some ability to bring people back from the dead. The best example of this is Melanie Cross, who died in 1988 but was resurrected by the dome. She returned to life in Chester’s Mill in the same way that you return to the dome – she first appeared in the middle of the lake. Maybe she was selected to be resurrected because she tried to protect the egg and died for it.

Then you have people thought to be dead who are actually alive. The best example of this is Pauline Rennie, wife of Big Jim, who was thought to be dead but is actually living outside the dome. She apparently faked her death and moved out of Chester’s mill hoping the dome would form over wherever she was living, thus protecting her son. Oh well, nice try Pauline!

Why Are the Pink Stars Falling?

Junior, Julia, Norrie, Melanie and Joe - Under the Dome

This show has a lot of mumbo jumbo that leaves you going “Huh?” Hopefully the viewer’s patience will be rewarded with answers to the burning questions, such as why the heck are the pink stars falling, and what in the world does that mean?

The pink stars are tied into Pauline’s visions, which lead to her drawings and paintings of events that were to come in Chester’s Mill. And, we have seen the pink stars more than once, as a sign from the egg or the dome of either approval or disapproval regarding events occurring in Chester’s Mill.

What Is Up With the Egg?

Junior and Melanie - Under the Dome

The egg seems to be at the center of a lot of the mystery of the dome. It apparently fell to earth inside a meteorite, and was discovered by a group of kids, which included Melanie, Pauline, Sam and Lyle. So, we at least know it has an extraterrestrial origin. Is it sentient? Did it end up on earth by accident or was it deliberately sent here? Of course, that also begs the question of where it came from.

Is the egg the power source for the dome? Many seem to think so. Barbie’s dad in particular wants to get his hands on the egg and is willing to do just about anything, including having his son beaten, in order to get it.


What other weird happenings would you have included in the list if you were creating a top 5? Are you curious to learn more about any of my top 5? Do you have any speculation about what the weird stuff means? Please let me know in the comments section below!