Legends Season 1 Review “Betrayal”

Legends (TNT) Episode 4 Betrayal (1)

On the latest episode of “Legends,” the multi-part episode arc about Colonel Yuri’s would-be black market chemical weapons sale came to a slam-bang ending, with an emphasis on the bang, in the exciting “Betrayal.” We picked up right where we left off, with “Dante” having crossed the line by acquiescing to Yuri’s wishes to show the VX in action by placing a single drop of it in some unidentified poor soul’s eye. Not that he had much choice under the circumstances, but nonetheless that was some pretty heavy duty undercover work going on there. It certainly did the trick for gaining Yuri’s trust, though, and with that, Odum was in- or rather, “Dante” was.

The deal made, and the meet for the exchange of VX for deposited funds in place, the team assembled in preparation, as Crystal admitted she might have been hasty in her assessment of Odum’s capabilities. Meanwhile, “Dante” spent one last night with Ana, who still had her suspicions about him, but nonetheless, lamented that she would have to leave when Yuri did.

Unfortunately, the meet did not go as smoothly as planned, and a fire-fight erupted, with Odum grabbing Ana and running for cover as a sniper opened fire and the FBI team rushed in and Crystal captured Yuri after a host of casualties on both sides. Alas, it turned out that Yuri pulled a fast one and gave “Dante” faux-VX that was harmless (it was actually hairspray!), which meant that the real deal was still out there. While Odum was somewhat forced to reveal his real identity to Ana, his cover was still intact with Yuri, however, so he concocted a wild plan to figure out where the remaining canisters of the deadly chemicals were.

Before that could go down, though, Yuri informed the FBI that, for every hour he spent incarcerated, the VX would be unleashed on some unsuspecting denizens of LA, and proved true to his word when a man left a backpack full of the stuff in a bus, killing sixteen people in one fell swoop. The clock ticking, the FBI had no choice but to kick Odum’s plan into overdrive, with Crystal and Odum alike informing Ana that she needed to cooperate or she’d be going to jail for a very long time, but noting that she should want to, as they had proof that Yuri had raped and killed her mother way back when and had been lying about it ever since, having adopted Ana out of some misguided sense of guilt.

It worked, and the plan was off and running, with a great sequence in which the convoy transporting Yuri to the spot where his jet out of the US was waiting- yeah, right- was “attacked” by “Dante” and Yuri and Ana were abducted by him and his men and spirited off in a helicopter. Taking them both to a safe-house that was wired for sound and video, “Dante” proceeded to beat the crap out of Yuri and stab him in the hand as “payback” for hoodwinking him before setting up another deal.

This time around, the threesome went to a bank to get into a pre-arranged safety deposit box where Yuri was supposedly holding the VX. As another FBI team gathered outside, Yuri led them into the vault and, not trusting him, “Dante” stepped up to open the box himself, only to get a flash bomb in the face, blinding him so that Yuri could step in, open the real box and grab the VX and a gun left there for him.

After that, all hell broke loose and another shoot-out went down, with the end result being a Mexican stand-off type situation between “Dante,” Yuri, and Ana. Ana ultimately shot Yuri and then threatened to shoot Odum, which led to Crystal shooting her to save him, though it’s safe to say she wanted to die rather than go to jail, so it was clearly her intention to cause that to happen. That effectively ended the Yuri and Ana story, though Odum was clearly shaken up by Ana’s death more than he cared to admit, given the look on his face.

Beyond that, in his quest to prove Odum’s guilt for killing McCombs, Rice accidently ended up proving his innocence, as he found an eyewitness in a homeless man McCombs brought as back-up, who positively identified the killer as a woman and not Odum as Rice suspected. Given that even Odum doesn’t know that information, I suspect that the two will reconnect and share information soon and look into it together this time around, since working against each other was clearly proving counterproductive, especially to Rice’s career.

This was a fun, fast, action-packed episode with lots of riveting sequences that were well-staged and excitingly done. The siege on Yuri’s convoy was especially well done, and more than a little bonkers, in the best of ways. Though the way things ended was perhaps a bit inevitable, it was still a satisfying ending to the well-done multi-episode arc that bodes well for future episodes of the show. I definitely hope they keep this approach going, as I’d much rather see a case unspool out over the course of several episodes, rather than neatly wrapped up over the course of one, like standard crime procedurals. I’m also curious to see where the McCombs subplot is headed, and what’s up with Odum’s “real” identity.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Legends”? Were you satisfied with the way the Yuri storyline wrapped up? Did you like the siege sequence, or did you find it a bit on the unbelievable side? How about the resolution to the story, with the bank shoot-out? Were you sad to see Ana go? What other kinds of cases would you like to see Odum tackle, and using what sort of persona? Sound off below and see you next week!