The Bridge Season 2 Review “Rakshasa”

The Bridge Season 2 Episode 9 Raksasha (1)

I have no clue what Elwood Reid’s plan would entail for The Bridge Season 3, but I’d be fully on board for the ride. Aside from a few moments, “Rakshasa” continued on the excellent arc that has been unfolding.

To keep things short (I’ve been suffering from horrible sinus problems the past 3 days; damn the ragweed in the South), my thoughts are divided into what was brilliant and what would again make Scott Evil yell at the television.

What Worked

– The building up to (and most of) the shootout. We can finally confirm now that the massacre Monte slipped into (literally) in the first episode’s prologue was this event. DEA Joe, his partner, Charlotte, and Galvan’s two men are dead. Joe always came off as too gung-ho and Custer in his search for Galvan, and it’s not surprising that he would pay the price. Charlotte was never a strong character on the show, but Annabeth Gish always did her best and she was starting to grow on my this season. Imagine if she would have just left with Ray when he wanted to. Or if she would have not texted DEA Joe about the Red Ridge event. Galvan may have still sent someone to hunt her down, but she also may have actually had the chance to get an actual out. Also, all the people I’m invested in survived! Man, I was going to freak out if Cesar died. And Hank still has a chance.

– Marco: Demian Bichir just blows me away every episode. Marco has done stupid things, and he knows it, but it’s never turned him into a Galvan or Robles. Basically, he’s the Jim Gordon of the Juarez police. Bichir never pushes the audience to like him or even agree with him, but heck I still do. Television is over-saturated with anti-heroes at the moment, and Bichir’s shades of grey make his performance ever so subtly different.

– Marco saving Sonya: I had no problem with this. Sonya Cross has shown time and again that she can physically take care of herself. And it’s not as if she just sat in the dirt as the Chopper dug his huge hole. It maybe wasn’t the smartest thing to attempt an escape in the desert without water, but she sure as hell wasn’t going to sit around and do nothing. And I bought her reluctantly allying with Marco again to take down Galvan and Eleanor. Sonya is still angry at Marco for his relationship with Galvan, but she understands the greater good in dealing with the drug lord first.

– Cesar: Alejandro Patino is the man. Cesar is so damn likable that he could make you want to be best friends even though he assists in the murder of people in the drug trade. I hope he makes it out alive. A lack of Charlotte in the picture has me very worried though.

– Cerisola tipping off the Marines about Galvan: I truly thought it was Robles, but Cerisola has even more to gain by ditching the drug lord. He gets Eleanor in the process, has the CIA on his side, and no more competition. He can fight with a fist after all.

What Didn’t Work

– The Chopper: I’m not even going to elaborate here. As Scott Evil says, you get someone while they’re on the crapper, and BAM! Hit man, my ass.

– No backup while raiding Red Ridge: You’d think DEA Joe, his partner, and Hank would have had some extra forces hang out a mile away or so in case of an emergency. And then to not have one of the three of them guard the door to the home? Stupid, stupid!