Royal Pains Season 6 Finale 2014 Review “Ganging Up” – Happily Ever After?

Royal Pains - Season 6

In the Royal Pains Season 6 Finale, called “Ganging Up,” Hank discovers just how important Evan is to him, Emma finally comes clean, Divya faces new challenges with an old friend and Jeremiah starts over.

Okay, so was it just me or did it feel like this finale was more of a series finale than a season finale to anyone else? In fact, it felt so much like that to me that I immediately went online to see if I’d missed some sort of announcement. The good news is that, at least for the moment, Royal Pains Season 7 is still on.

Let’s all heave a collective sigh of relief.

I found a TVGuide interview with co-creator and executive producer Andrew Lenchewski and executive producer Michael Rauch that seems to suggest the big changes in this finale could signal a revamping of the show next season. Here’s a brief quote from Rauch: “We definitely want to, as we do every season, end the season in a way that will shift our storytelling and catapult it into the next season so it doesn’t feel like we’re repeating ourselves.”

Before I found that article, I was ready to write this review as a goodbye to the show, but now I’m excited to talk about what happened and how everyone’s storyline could evolve next season.

Brothers United

One of my favorite moments in this episode came when Hank accepted Boris’ offer to be on the Board of Directors, then pulled Evan aside to tell him he did it because he realized there was nothing he couldn’t handle as long as he had his little brother beside him. My favorite relationship on the show has always been between Hank and Evan and it filled my heart with joy to see them bonding even more in this episode.

My prediction for the brothers next season is that they will continue to be a united front against Boris, but will of course still have many challenges to face. HankMed working together with Hamptons Heritage will be a good thing, but I doubt it will be easy. But that’s okay, because Hank and Evan can always gang up to face anything together.

Evan Plus Paige Equals… Babies?

In the finale, Evan and Paige realized that they no longer needed Bob’s help right around the time they discovered that he wasn’t actually a doctor. That kept Bob from becoming a part of HankMed, but it didn’t stop them from appreciating all the help he had given them. In the end, their marriage was stronger than ever – to the point where they were ready to renew their vows and buy their own house.

My prediction for them next season is that, thanks to Evan’s great new job, they will finally decide that it’s time to have some babies. Evan and Paige are adorable, as I’m sure their children will be too, and we need to see them as parents. Period.

Divya’s New/Old Love?

Divya running into Raj on the street was another sweet moment in the finale for me. I know that many people hoped she would end up with Jeremiah, but I’ve personally never seen them as anything more than good friends. So when Raj showed up, I thought how perfect it was for him to appear just when she needed him most.

My prediction for Divya next season is that she and Raj realize that their parents were right all along and that they were made for each other. I mean, seriously, how amazing would it be for them to discover they love each other after they’ve both had failed relationships and each have their own children? It’s a perfect fairy tale ending, and yet it opens the door for many interesting storylines for Divya.

A Whole New Jeremiah?

I thought that once we found out Bob wasn’t really a doctor and couldn’t be a part of HankMed, and that Evan and Paige were done with him, that would be the last we’d see of him. But then Jeremiah knocked on his door and my mind spun with all the juicy possibilities for next season. In some ways, Jeremiah has made huge leaps and bounds from the awkward guy we first met, especially this season. His relationship with Viviana didn’t work out, but it did set him on a path and I’m excited to see where he will go on it.

My prediction for Jeremiah next season is that we will see him stepping even farther out of his shell, with the guidance of Bob. I think he could become more social and I’d love to see him trying new things that are out of his comfort zone. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Jeremiah laugh out loud, so I hope that he loosens up a little – while still retaining that awkward charm we love so much.

My favorite bits:

“Is she okay?”
“She’s with dad.”
“I stand by my question.”

Jeremiah telling Viviana it wasn’t her fault he fell for her. That hurt my heart. Poor Jeremiah.

Knowing as soon as Divya said things were going to get better, that they were only going to get worse.

“Swab me, smartass.”

“Paige, your muffins smell extra-amazing this morning.” – It is very wrong where my mind went after that comment.

“You’re a lot like your brother seemed before I got to know him.”
“A little douche-y?”
“I get that a lot.”

Kind of being surprised at how upset Hank got when talking to Evan about Boris.

Hank pointing out to Evan that bringing up a Plan B while standing outside the door was probably not the best plan.

“Nothing feels worse than disappointing family. Trust me, I know. I’ve been disappointing Hank for years.” – Aw, Evan.

Paige running into Jeremiah eating a huge sundae by himself. Yep, he’s definitely suffering from a broken heart.

Paul immediately thinking of his brother when he found out he might be sick, too. Yet another reason I love that guy.

“What can I say, I’m really in touch with my inner teenage girl.”

Charlotte being able to find Khloe Kardashian by her laugh.

“Wow. Danny, you’re a human being? That didn’t show up on the labs, either.”

“Little brothers can really surprise you sometimes.” – Aw.

Evan showing Paige his next great idea by picking her up and carrying her up the stairs.

“When you and I gang up, there’s no stopping us.” – I can’t. I just can’t.

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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