Franklin & Bash Season 4 Review “Good Cop/Bad Cop” – Don’t Coddle Karp

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In this episode of Franklin & Bash, called “Good Cop/Bad Cop,” the boys end up in jail trying to help a client, while Karp decides he’s done being coddled by his uncle.

Just when I think there can’t possibly be any other unique ways for Peter and Jared to defend a client, they come up with something completely different. I’ll admit to being clueless in the beginning of this episode and not understanding why in the world they were trying to get themselves a ticket on the beach. Then they explained their devious plan – with a beer, no less – and it made a lot of sense.

I especially enjoyed the fact that the judge in the traffic court was so on board with their idea. For once they had someone on the bench who appeared to be having almost as much fun as the boys were with a case. The evil cop made for a good rival and I liked that they weren’t able to defeat him too soon. Otherwise we might have missed out on seeing Peter and Jared do their own version of Orange is the New Black. How cute did they look in those orange jumpsuits?

It kind of cracked me up that Karp kept demanding that Stanton stop treating him like a baby, because every time he did it, he kind of came off as a spoiled child stomping his foot in anger. He did have a few good points though and I was glad that Stanton took his nephew’s request to heart.

Stanton telling Satoh all about Karp’s misadventures (which sounded so much worse when being calmly described by a naked Englishman) seemed like a terrible idea at the time. Who knew that it would actually work out in Karp’s favor? Though of course Stanton picked that exact moment to follow Karp’s request to the letter and took his client right back. Sorry Karp, you said you wanted to stop being treated like a baby and that’s exactly what Stanton did.

So now everything is out in the open between Stanton and Karp, Stanton is back at work and Karp will no longer be babied. Looks to me like we’re about to see some tussles between uncle and nephew and I am looking forward to them.

My favorite bits:

Shirtless Peter and Jared. That is all.

The entire conversation about Peter wanting to be Jared for a day so he could look through his eyes and see how awesome it was hanging out with himself.

The boys offering the police officer a beer.

“He would know, he’s a son of a rich dick.”

The boys using a beer to demonstrate adverse possession. I really wish my teacher had used that method in my real estate class. It would’ve made learning a lot more fun.

The lobster race. Need I really say more?

“What’s that smell?”
“We have a pet skunk.” – As you do.

“I’m pissed, not peeved. I know the Mary Poppins accent makes you seem smart, but I can’t believe anyone’s still buying it.”

Stanton’s remarking that he couldn’t stop seeing Karp as a kid because he had powdered his bottom. Oh, my.

The boys referring to the other lawyer as adorable.

The way Jared looked at the cop when Peter finally gave him permission to do so.

“Crack staff you have there on Deep Space 9.” – Laughed. Out. Loud.

Jared asking Peter to switch places with him, in a moving vehicle. Now that, I would’ve wanted to see.

Finding out that Stanton was an honorary deputy sheriff, mounted division. Nope, didn’t surprise me at all, either.

The boys imitating Stanton.

“I don’t always have to be right.”
“Yeah, you kinda do.”
“I do not.”
“Are you getting any of the irony here, buddy?”

Jared trying to prove how much he loved animals by pointing out he slept with his two guinea pigs in his bed until he was 14. Methinks that wasn’t the best idea.

Peter calling “shotgun” before getting in a police car. Classic.

The boys looking very Orange is the New Black.

“Number 4 bristles? What am I, Secretariat?”

“Those are extreme ends of the spectrum, from self-pleasuring to physical violence.”
“Yes, well he’s nothing if not versatile.”

The boys showing up in court to defend their client, in their orange jumpsuits.

Jared saying “bone” when he meant “de-bone.”

The look on Jared’s face when Peter talked about getting a facial.

The boys’ “Hi!” in unison.

Wendy tazing Peter in the ass. That was amazeballs.

“My ass is doing some really weird things right now.

Every single bit of the “diaper” conversation. Especially the way Jared looked down as if trying to see one under Karp’s suit. Too freaking hilarious.

Jared playing the tazer video at the party.

Jared remarking that a one yard height difference between a couple could be a good thing. Naughty boy!

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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