Finding Carter Season 1 Review “Love Story”

Finding Carter Cast

Oh, Crash is just awful, isn’t he? This episode of Finding Carter, ‘Love Story’, did nothing but cement my negative opinion of Carter’s guy from the wrong side of the tracks, with their Bonnie and Clyde routine ending up very, very badly for an innocent third party.

And that’s what it was – a routine. A charade. Carter and Crash are two characters that like to play grown-ups but have absolutely no concept of the effect they’re having on others. Some people might disagree with Taylor after her outburst in the hospital, but it needed to be said. Carter’s decision has always been about her own peace of mind and not about her family’s, and it’s taken Max being hurt for her to realise that.

Take their grand master plan, for example. California? Getting a message back to Lori via Max? Breaking their cell phones and buying a gun? It’s all dumb teenager stuff, but both of them have been transplanted into a very real, very adult and very dangerous world.

In another show, this might have served as the season finale, or at least the penultimate episode. As bummed as I am about looking ahead to a show without Max in it (even if he survives, we can assume he’ll be incapacitated), it’s interesting that the show still has two whole hours to tell its story. With a second season renewal taking away the worry that it might leave off unresolved, I do wonder how all of this is going to get resolved before the finale in two weeks time.

One silver lining of the incident is that it’s almost certainly wiped the slate clean for the family – even Taylor and Carter seemed to reach a civil place after their blowout – and that leaves room for Carter to finally accept her situation and get rid of Lori when she inevitably rears her ugly head. Max was important to every single member of the family (demonstrated by those cheesy flashback montages), a boyfriend for Taylor and a surrogate son and brother to the rest of them.

I won’t be happy if he dies but, if he does, then it’ll have a monumental effect on the show going into next season. Oh, and of course Carter should turn Crash in next week – this star-crossed lovers thing needs to be over before it causes any more trouble.

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