Teen Wolf Season 4 Review “A Promise to the Dead”

At the conclusion of last night’s episode of Teen Wolf, I felt equally enraged by the precarious position in which we left some of our heroes and the consistent use of off-screen development on the show. Let’s start with the latter.

Deaton – Emissary and Lover?!?

After a very long, frustrating absence from the show, Alan Deaton finally returned! We found Deaton rounding up an Eichen House patient/wendigo to be returned to the mental facility in exchange for an opportunity to to speak with a man with a freaky third eye situation about what Kate did to Derek. Although the opening scene was brief, there were some MAJOR revelations:

– Someone finally consulted Deaton about Derek’s power outage and asked the vet to figure out what is going on with our favorite sour wolf. Although this is a long overdue move and a general relief to see, I’m frustrated at the choice to omit that conversation from the show in exchange for other scenes and storylines that ultimately went nowhere.

– As many in the fandom have suspected, Deaton’s relationship with Talia appears to have extended beyond the traditional balance keeper and Alpha bounds. In seeking assistance from Third Eye, Deaton revealed that he was helping Derek because of a promise to a woman he once loved. Granted, “love” can mean a number of things, but I thought Seth Gilliam played it like it was a romantic interest. Of course, this just raises an endless number of questions about the Hale family – including the presence of Derek’s father when Deaton was falling in love with Talia. I hope that Deaton’s involvement and the revelation of his history with Talia will create more for the writers to do with both Deaton and Derek in the next season. These two are long overdue for a conversation.

On another note – I want to know everything about that floor of the Eichen House where they are clearly housing an assortment of supernatural creatures. Was that a kanima hand I spotted?

Blood Money

Considering Scott’s poor choice for a hiding place for Peter’s money, it was no surprise that Melissa found the dead pool stash and had some questions about it. It looked like the McCalls did not have power during the conversation with Melissa and Scott, but that was not enough to dissuade Melissa from telling her son to do the right thing. I really wish we’d get a scene where Rafael arrives to the McCall house when it is without electricity so that we could get more insight as to what he knows about his son’s home life.

The best part of the exchange was Melissa telling Scott that he can save lives, but he can’t save people from life. As the person determined to keep everyone alive, Scott definitely needed to hear that message.

The McCall exchange led to another great moment with Derek and Scott. As most suspected, Derek completely understood why Scott would be tempted to keep the money and he too reiterated the message that it’s okay for the Teen Wolf True Alpha to indulge in normal human feelings. In a night that left me with a million questions by the end, I appreciated the writers throwing us a bone and confirming how Derek manages to get a new car every season and afford a nice, spacious loft – rental property!

Of course, I have a few questions about who in the world would ever rent space in Derek’s building after all the bad juju in that place thanks to several murders and a crap ton of violence. I guess it would be the same person that continues to live in Beacon Hills despite the very high murder rate.

Did Scott take the money back? Hmm. At least the Stilinskis got some good financial news. The Eichen House decided to waive Stiles’s medical bills to make up for his near death experience with Brunski. Deer Pizza dinner for everyone!

Liam – The Exception, Not The Standard

While Scott and the rest of the Scooby Doo gang balanced their heroics with their everyday lives, Scrappy Doo AKA Liam, stayed behind. Unfortunately for Liam, doing normal teenage things was no reprieve from the the supernatural woes that trouble him. I love Liam and he is the ONLY teenager in Beacon Hills who is appropriately reacting to the traumatic things he’s experienced and seen. As much as I appreciate Liam’s storyline, I hate that him being haunted by the berserkers has been set up as the exception and not the rule. ALL of these kids should be haunted by what they’ve been through and if they are, the writers have essentially chosen to make it an off screen reaction. If I had been possessed by an evil spirit who used Oni to kill one of my friends (and my best friend’s first love), I would be more haunted than Liam is by the berserkers.

It’s also nice to see Mason sticking by Liam’s side. It makes me long for more interactions with Stiles and Scott. It felt like it took Stiles and the rest of the pack too long to figure out that Scott and Kira were in serious trouble. Speaking of Scott and Kira . . .

Peter And Kate – The Axis Of Teen Wolf Evil

Ugh. Where to begin? Along with being a murderer and hypocrite, Kate can add massive cock blocker to her list of repugnant character traits. With the dead pool over, Kate and Peter seized the opportunity to proceed with their plans to ruin Scott. It started with Kate busting up Scott and Kira finally moving past snuggling and hand holding, as she abruptly ended their official first date and took them to church.

As worried as I am for Kira and Scott, I found myself completely distracted with one question – what exactly can Kira do as a kitsune, other than absorb electricity and turn on light bulbs? During conflict, we constantly see Kira getting repeatedly knocked upside her head by her foes as she goes into ninja mode. I want Kira to be able to do more in a fight than swing a sword and flip around. Someone please educate me on what her offensive skill set is – beyond the sword.

While Kate took Kira and Scott to church, Peter slowed Chris down with a steel rod to the gut – and I mean this in the most literal sense. He also asked his daughter to kill Kate in exchange for information about her mother, thus making him the crappiest father ever.

Other supernatural thoughts, observations and feels. . .

– Nothing says romantic like a first date in Derek’s den of death, sickly sex and man pain.

– Malia, you can show your love and appreciation for someone without partaking in their morning breath. Woof.

– I love Lydia and I know she can’t help the screaming thing, but if she showed up to my apartment in the middle of the night ominously screaming like a damn fool, I would be SO annoyed. Not only did you interrupt my evening, but you seem to be telling me that I’m going to die or Braeden is going to die or someone is going to die. Thanks.

– Kate’s speech about the glorious Argent family would have been such a great opportunity to focus on Allison specifically. Just one more reason I hate Kate.

– Super stealth mode must be one of Parrish’s supernatural abilities. I was impressed that he managed to follow the master of shadows, Peter Hale, without getting caught.

– The Parrish/Chris scene was such a heartbreaking contrast to Scott/Kate. Chris was so weary and broken and was willing to be left to die in order for Parrish to go warn Scott. I’m glad that Parrish insisted on helping Chris because if Kate and Gerard were the only Argents left on Teen Wolf, I would seriously consider quitting the show.

– I’ve been a Peter apologist in the past because of what Kate did to his family, but I’m no longer on his side anymore. Not even the deepest, most luxurious v-neck would allow me to forgive him for what he did to Chris.

– Kate and/or Peter must die this season.

– Did the wardrobe department really put a jaguar shirt on Kate during that final scene? Really?

– Did I miss some wolfsbane onscreen in the confrontation between Scott and Kate? I couldn’t understand why he didn’t go all Alpha on her ass because he has to be stronger and in more control than she is.

– I can’t fully explain why, but I think that Kate attempting to “berserk” Scott is a good sign that he will end this season with his murginity in tact.

– Is Parrish a fire kitsune?

– If Kira survives this trip to church, Noshiko needs to school her on all of her attack abilities. I’m okay with that happening off screen if we get some payoff onscreen.

– How did Lydia know to find Deaton? Was it banshee ability or another off screen conversation?

– I’ve liked Derek so much this season, which makes me worried about his future on the show. I loved Allison so much right up until the moment she died.

– Coach Finstock needs to get laid.

Until Next Moon Day!

What did you think of last night’s episode? What are your theories going into the finale? Sound off below!

Sorry for posting so late! As Mama McCall would say, real life happened to me!