Under the Dome Season 2 Review “The Fall”

Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 10 The Fall-2

On the latest episode of “Under the Dome,” the plot thickened as Big Jim took it upon himself to screw up everyone’s chances of getting out from Chester’s Mill once and for all in favor of his own family by giving up the one thing the town had going in its favor: the mysterious egg. You’d think Big Jim would know better than to give up the one advantage he had before even getting what he wanted for himself and his family; namely, a way out.

But when the chips were down, Big Jim threw caution- and the egg- to the wind and tossed the egg off the cliff, causing the cave to start to collapse and the town along with it. Next thing you know, the cliff now leads to a visible bottom, complete with a bunch of stalagmites that an escaped Phil met the business end of, thinking he could also escape Chester’s Mill and the dome by jumping off said cliff. Chances are, he would have been able to do just that, had Big Jim not thrown the egg down there, but too late now.

I honestly don’t get what Big Jim was thinking. Sure, he said he’d trade the egg to that guard in exchange for the safe passage of him and his family, but no one gives up the goods before they actually get the thing they want: that’s quid pro quo 101. As someone who’s definitely done their fair share of dubious deals, you’d think Big Jim would be smarter than that, but I guess not.

Now, although the earthquakes (or whatever) have stopped, everyone is still trapped in the dome with what seems to be an accelerated climate change starting to take effect, as the temperatures are rapidly dropping, with Fall in full swing, and winter weather just around the corner. Things are clearly getting worse before they get better, and now the townspeople have lost their one solid chance at getting out while the getting’s good. Nice going there, Big Jim.

On the plus side, Barbie and Julia were reunited, and Melanie discovered that Barbie was the long-lost younger (!) stepbrother she never knew she had. Alas, Melanie’s reticence about handing over the egg proved to be on the money, as that whole situation obviously didn’t end well, between Big Jim’s actions with Joe and Norrie, in which he held them at gunpoint, then left them for dead after the cave started to collapse; and letting Junior talk her into leaving the egg at the fallout shelter, which only led to its being found after Pauline freaked out about it and Big Jim figured out it was on his own property.

Meanwhile, as many predicted, the glimpse of Angie in last week’s preview proved to be another dome-induced hallucination, not her full-fledged return, a la Melanie, as I hoped. It seems she was mostly there to warn Junior not to kill Sam, which he immediately set out to do as soon as he discovered Sam was back in town. He didn’t, and as it turned out, if he hadn’t, Melanie likely would have died, as Sam later saved her life after she collapsed during the earthquake. Was the egg the only thing keeping her alive? If so, its disappearance to Zenith does not bode well for her future.

At the same time, Angie’s messages to Junior do seem to confirm that the dome does indeed have a plan for everyone, and if it knew Melanie was about to be in danger, then it knew Big Jim was likely going to do what he did. Granted, it did try to defend itself against Big Jim by shocking him and knocking him out or whatever, but ultimately, he was able to force Joe to carry it for him, so he was able to sidestep that obstruction. Did the egg know what was going to happen to it, too?

It would seem to be a yes on both counts, but why reveal itself to Big Jim in the first place, as it did when it signaled Pauline, then Big Jim himself? Unless, throwing the egg over the cliff was part of the plan, too, that is, which I suppose is possible. Not sure what the dome’s endgame is, though, but it’s not making a lot of sense as of yet. Then again, none of this really does as of yet, so there’s that.

That was about it, save the fact that Pauline told Junior she thought her reuniting with Big Jim was a terrible idea and that she’d only come back for Junior, so that won’t be going in Big Jim’s favor, either. She also apparently lost her ability to predict things via painting when Big Jim tossed the egg as well. Also, it would seem that Hunter is in touch with someone outside the dome- or rather, trying desperately to be- which means he might be a plant for Barbie’s father to get the egg for him. Too late for that now, obviously, and now Hunter’s stuck.

So, what will happen next? From the looks of next week’s preview, clearly the weather issues are going to get worse before they get better, and it seems a safe bet that a lot of people are going to be gunning for Big Jim once word gets around he screwed up everyone’s chance of escape- not to mention the fact that he held two innocent kids at gunpoint! They might need to rebuild that gallows one more time, if you know what I mean.

What did you think of “Under the Dome” this week? Looking forward to seeing what happens next week? Do you think Big Jim will be headed back to jail- or is it off to the gallows with him yet again? Did the egg show back up in Zenith, or did it end up somewhere else? If it’s the former, does Barbie’s dad Don have it? Or the military? If it’s the latter, where did it go? Can the exit to Zenith be reopened without it? What will the town do about the fact that- cue the “Game of Thrones” theme- winter is coming? Sound off below and see you next week!