Intruders Season 1 Review “And Here… You Must Listen”

After a clunky pilot, Intruders found a stronger focus with “And Here… You Must Listen.” This was just an all-around much stronger episode, one that delivered a great mix of action, intrigue and hints about who and what the Intruders are.

Across the board, the three main storylines were all more interesting this time around. Mainly, this was because the episode had far less of the abstract, weird material the pilot was front-loaded with, letting us get a much better idea of who these characters are. Also, there were a lot more screen partners this time around, meaning we got to see them interact with people as opposed to just silent wade through scenes.

First up, our hero Jack was even more enjoyable this time around. We got glimpses of his happier times with Amy, both in the flashbacks and in the goofy way he wanted to present her cell phone in the present. Further, it remains easy to relate to his desperation to find Amy and figure out what’s been going on; even though he speaks with her at the end of the episode, it’s clear she’s reaching out to him more in an attempt to get him to stop investigating.

Richard, meanwhile, had a much more focused story this week as well, as he put all of his effort into the search for Madison. He continues to exude a bit of a Terminator vibe, effortlessly taking down a guard and killing multiple people at the Asian establishment. Beyond that, he proved he’s needlessly cruel, confirming to Madison’s father that his wife had been having an affair for no real reason. Sure, he did his whole etching thing to see what Madison was writing, but it was more confirming what he already knew.

Speaking of Madison, or whoever is in her head, she was a highlight this episode, snapping at train attendants and bribing civilians into helping her on her journey. We still didn’t get much of an idea about what’s so special or different about her among the Intruders, but she’s undeniably entertaining to follow.

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