Siblings Series 1 Review “Laser Eye Date”


Either someone on Siblings heard my petulant complaining, or I have been judging the show too harshly (my bet’s on the latter), but ‘Laser Eye Date’ was the first episode of this freshman comedy that actually lent it’s central duo some humanity. For four week’s I’ve been complaining that even unlikeable characters need us to sympathise with them occasionally, and getting their mum in was a genius way to do it.

Though her children’s attitude towards life and other people can’t be entirely blamed on the woman, the family dynamic seen in ‘Laser Eye Date’ definitely gave us a clearer picture of why Hannah is the way she is. Dan is babied and Hannah is the one cramping her effortlessly cool and sociable mother’s style, meaning that, when she finds some common ground, she’s all too eager to please.

That common ground, unfortunately, is a disregard for other people, and they’re the kind of mother/daughter team who think nothing of vandalising a man’s wardrobe because he said you couldn’t drink his wine (“if you want to be vindictive, at least do it properly”). It might not make our ‘heroine’ more likeable, as such, but insight into why she is the way she is was very welcome at this point in the first series.

Dan, meanwhile, got his own version of the same when we see him go on a semi-successful date with his STI doctor. He’s been the village idiot up until now, but his defining characteristic is the need to be liked and an overwhelming loneliness, making a chance at getting a girlfriend and subsequent heartbreak a nice break from the norm for his character. In fact, this was the first episode in which I actually preferred his half of the action to his sister’s.

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