Intruders Season 1 Review “She Was Provisional”

I’ll be straight, “She Was Provisional,” the pilot episode of Intruders, reminded me of two very specific things: the pilot episode of The Leftovers and all of those Lost pretenders from a few years ago. For anyone who has been keeping up with my Leftover reviews or remembers shows like The Event and Flash Forward, well… you know that’s a worrying combination of forebearers.

Which isn’t to say this was a bad pilot, I’m just worried about where this show will be going in the future. As far as how it’s similar to the shows mentioned, the overall tone of the episode was exceedingly dour, much like The Leftovers. This wasn’t helped by the very sterile, unfriendly lighting in most scenes. There was also the whole “pet murder” motif, which was one of the harder scenes to watch in this episode.

As for the Lost clones, this show was all about the mystery up front, making it hard to really connect with any characters. We got a lot of shots of eyeballs dilating to ridiculous proportions, not a lot of character interactions. In fact, aside from one or two exceptions, we saw a lot of characters alone, particularly in Jack’s search for his wife. Conversely, a lot of the scenes shared by two or more characters ended with Richard assassinating someone.

Speaking of Richard, I really wish there’d been a bit more ambiguity about him throughout the hour. Perhaps have a different agent of the Intruders – that’s the best I can come up with for now – murdering the scientist’s family and transforming the girl at the opening of the hour. He just seemed overworked this episode, and knowing what side of this conflict he’s on, it was painfully obvious he planned to kill the radio host at the end.

Still, for the complaints, there was stuff to like in this premiere. John Simm’s natural charisma managed to peek through in the opening scenes with Amy, and he’s just a likable actor, one you naturally want to follow. Also, I am pulled in by the mystery of the Intruders; I want to know what the whole deal with the frequencies, body-switching and cryptic suicides are all about. Of course, as with any mystery, it could all fall apart very quickly, but I’m hopeful with any show of this nature.

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