Franklin & Bash Season 4 Review “Love Is the Drug” – The Settlement Punch

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In this episode of Franklin & Bash, called “Love is the Drug,” the boys help Stanton find a way to get his dignity back.

When Stanton walked into the office and got angry over the boys’ unusual meeting rules, I was more than a little bit puzzled. I mean, isn’t this the guy who just let them parade his sexcapades all over a court room? Isn’t he a man who partakes of naked yoga and has no trouble describing the size of his penis to anyone who will listen? How could he possibly have a problem with something as benign as throwing a little yellow football and running laps in meetings? Especially when I think those are two of the coolest ideas ever. I gladly have a job that no longer requires me to sit in meetings, but if I did, I would be suggesting both of those methods.

But as the episode continued – and the boys asked Stanton very similar questions themselves – I realized that Stanton was suffering from a loss of dignity. Sure, he did all those crazy and unusual things but people still held him in a very high regard. They saw him as eccentric, not silly. So finding out that the world now saw him as an undignified loon was just too much for him to bear. Sucker-punching Dominic wasn’t the best way to try and get that dignity back, but it did lead to a revelation. Once Stanton (barely) made it through his settlement punch, he discovered that it was indeed possible to use an unconventional approach to get back to the top. He even went so far as to share a meal with the boys at their diner, which makes me wonder if we’ll see him throwing the football at the next meeting.

As for the firm’s other clients, I though Jimmy’s story was very sweet. The poor guy went so gaga over a woman that his brain quite literally shut down and he let her lead him into big trouble. I thought that maybe she had actually slipped him some sort of drug, but no, it was just her energy that led him astray. Once again, the boys figured out an ingenious way to prove that in court, which got Jimmy off. Though I have to wonder how quickly he’ll be in trouble again now that he went following after Sadie like a little lost puppy.

We barely saw much of Ellen’s actual case, but we did see the handsome client that she had to work with – and Jared’s jealousy of said client. I know she claims she doesn’t actually like Jared, but she seemed to be working pretty hard to make him jealous so I’m afraid I’m going to have to call B.S. on that claim. I just hope she softens up a little bit. I hate seeing Jared falling for a woman who treats him so coldly. Then again, he really seems to like women who treat him roughly, so maybe they are a match made in heaven.

My favorite bits:

“Stealing a wave.”
“That’s just un-Californian.”

The boy’s rules for their staff meetings. I now want to work at their firm.

Finding out that Peter is apparently afraid of fish.

Dan being unable to tell the boys his nickname, because it was his password. Yep, that’s normal.

“Did you sink a battleship at some point in the night?”

“You both puked.”
“That’s why we’re going to fight extra-hard for your case.”

“Are you two high on sleep meds right now?” – That is a perfectly reasonable question when dealing with Peter and Jared. You never know with those two.

Ellen suddenly being not as mad about taking the Twilera case when she saw Bob.

Jared’s shock that Jimmy danced with a girl while sober.

Dan calmly informing the boys that he’d already been living in their place for a week.

“We had sex in the Ripley’s Believe it Or Not museum. Since when do you play it safe?”

“You want our advice?”
“I want your “queer eye.” – Ha!

The boys playing rock-paper-scissors to decide who would go to the model’s dressing room.

Sadie turning the boys’ plan right back on them.

“How could somebody so beautiful be so evil?”
“In my experience the two go hand in hand.”

Finding out that “Madeline” was a car.

“Are you having a stroke?”
“I’m speaking in code.”
“We’re ignoring you in English.”

Jared realizing that he’d just given Ellen the green light to bang Bob. Oops.

Jared holding Peter back when Jimmy wondered if he had a shot with Sadie. A part of me wished that Peter had been allowed to deck him, though.

The size of the contract that had to be signed before Stanton could accept his settlement punch.

Mike Tyson showing up as Dominic’s substitute hitter.

Mike Tyson asking Jared to do his Mike Tyson impression. Hilarious.

Jared punching Mike Tyson!? WTF just happened?

“Man, I don’t need this! I do theater now.”

The boys leaving Stanton groaning on the floor to see if they could get a picture with Mike Tyson.

The music that played every time Jimmy saw Sadie.

The boys shooting each other with darts. That is all.

Peter telling Jared he thought he was an adorable idiot. Aw.

Stanton joining the boys at their diner.

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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