Extant Season 1 Review “A Pack of Cards”

Extant Season 1 Episode 9 & 10 Care and Feeding; A Pack of Cards-5

In the second of two episodes of “Extant” airing tonight (see my take on the first here), the chase to find Sparks and the baby continued, in “A Pack of Cards,” which referred to a passage from Lewis Carroll’s classic “Alice in Wonderland,” which Katie’s mother Anya read to her at one point. That’s an apt selection, as both she and Sparks have clearly gone down the rabbit hole of insanity by this point.

Spending time with one’s daughter is one thing, but when that daughter is miraculously transported in time back to her childhood, and the toll to spend time with her is “feeding” a hungry baby alien with humans, clearly things have gone fully off the reservation, as was the case here.

In the case of Sheriff Dugan, who had the misfortune to be one of those victims, the end result was being under the control of said alien, who purposefully sent him back to the precinct to do a little damage control by killing the woman he worked with, not to mention a hapless robot! He then tracked down Kern and Kryger and took them out to the woods to take care of them as well, but they got wise and evaded him, eventually taking him down and forcing him to lead them to the alien, which he did.

Meanwhile, Molly and Dr. Mason get closer to Sparks’ location, bonding somewhat along the way, as Mason admits that Yasumoto and company did a terrible job with caring for the baby like they did, saying that it needed to be with its mother and that it would no longer be a lab rat from here on out. She also admitted to him that the alien conceived with her by appearing to her as Marcus, her late husband and that it was completely consensual.

Mason sees this as an evolutionary leap forward, a blurring of the lines of mortality in which people could potentially live forever in a sense. With the help of the alien, no one will ever really die again, as they would always be there, even after death robs them of their earthly presence. Or something like that.

At the same time, Mason is a bit of a cagey one, and Molly gets spooked when the birds go haywire again and cause Mason to wreck his car. Realizing that Mason had back-up all along, she bolts, but Mason eventually catches up with her and says that a little back-up never hurt when dealing with rogue alien babies, which I’d have to agree with.

However, I was more than a little confused about what happened next, as Mason and Molly continued on to the hotel Sparks was staying at and went after him and the baby, but that troop of military style back-up apparently flew the coop and was nowhere to be seen! Were we meant to think that the baby was responsible?

Whatever the case, by that time, Sparks had called up a mechanic under false pretenses to “feed” the baby again so that it could do something more elaborate this time. Upon their arrival, the mechanic knocks out Mason and Sparks leads Molly to finally meet her baby. Only when she enters the room, it’s suddenly her hospital room after the car crash that took Marcus and her baby from her, but with a different outcome this time: Marcus is alive, and so is the baby.

When the baby starts struggling, it’s up to Molly to save it, by entering in a code into what she thinks is a baby monitor of sorts, but is actually a laptop which allows her to remotely connect with astronaut Glass’ spaceship and change its trajectory, presumably to put it on a course to find another alien, or else on a course to bring said alien back to earth. I was a little confused by that, to be honest, so let me know if you understood it better than I did.

Shortly thereafter Kern and Kryger arrive with Sheriff Dugan and all hell breaks loose, with a shoot-out leading to the deaths of Dugan, the mechanic and Kryger, who tells Molly she has to stop the alien before it gets too powerful and takes over the world before he dies. Sparks and Anya, meanwhile, escape with the baby, who must still have affection for Molly, as it stopped Sparks from killing her.

Beyond that, Dr. Woods continued to try and escape Yasumoto, eventually mending fences with Ethan and sending him on a special mission to the lab to fetch Julie and let her know what was going on with him being essentially held hostage there. Alas, Odin intercepted Ethan at the lab after he successfully escaped Yasumoto’s and they went off together instead, which can’t be good. my guess is that Femi picked up on Dr. Woods’ stall tactics and sent Odin there on purpose to snag Ethan and presumably take him to the anti-robot league’s meeting place.

That was about it, but this was a fairly engaging double dose of “Extant” that worked overall quite well, especially as a whole. Had this been a one-at-a-time affair, I don’t know if I’d have enjoyed it as much, but watching both episodes as one big movie-length episode worked for me. Between the two episodes, lots of stuff happened and there was enough action to keep things moving, while at the same time, there was plenty of forward momentum in the plot that showed that the writers are indeed headed somewhere with all of this. Where exactly that is remains to be seen, but they’re getting there, slowly but surely.

I liked the idea of the baby using Molly to essentially plot to bring more of its kind there, showing that it clearly has a plan in motion, and that plan involves manipulating people via their lost loved ones in some cases and “feeding” on other humans to control them in other cases. I think the alien wants to bring more of its kind here and take over the planet wholesale eventually.

So, what do you think the alien’s endgame is? Will Molly continue to try and reunite with her baby, or will she try and stop it, now that she has some idea that it’s up to no good? What will Odin do with Ethan? Will Yasumoto ever figure out Femi is playing him to get to Ethan? What will Yasumoto do now that the baby has escaped his clutches yet again? Sound off below and see you for next week’s episode!