Defiance Season 2 Review “All Things Must Pass”

Defiance - Season 2

On the first episode of the two-part “Defiance” season finale, the truth about Kenya finally came out and it was judgment day, Old Testament style, in “All Things Must Pass.” Or was it? As a big fan of Amanda, I’ve always wondered what might happen if she found out the truth about what really happened to her sister: would she get medieval on Stahma’s pale behind- would it be an eye for an eye? Or would she let justice prevail and simply imprison Stahma for her crimes? Or do something else altogether?

Well, tonight, we got our answer, at least in the short-term sense, as the Mayor, in a brazen attempt to curry favor with Amanda, hunted down the truth, eventually getting it from a group of the Tarr’s circle of employees, who wasted no time in ratting out Stahma and Datak alike. The Mayor had them both picked up and deposited into an isolated locale, then tied them up and presented them to Amanda on a silver platter, with evidence to back it up. How would she handle it, in the heat of the moment, in her anger?

Well, as it turns out, she took the high road and let them both go, even though she was sorely tempted to go the other way, once she got the full story of what actually happened. I certainly would have understood if she had, but I think the writers went the right way with it. I think it would have been a bit of a betrayal of her character if they’d turned her into some vengeful assassin all of the sudden, justifiable or not. Besides that, we’d also be out two of the show’s most compelling characters- evil at times though they may be- so there’s that as well.

Weirdly, the experience of almost getting killed for their collective sins seemed to have changed Datak and Stahma for the better, at least to a certain extent, so something sort of good did come from it, I suppose. It really does seem like Datak has finally recognized that Stahma is at least his equal, even if he would never allow that she’s actually his superior, which I believe to be the case. Why they even teamed up to avenge their own betrayal against their employees, so I suppose that’s a sort of progress by these two’s standards.

I had a feeling that at least one major character was going down, and I wasn’t entirely surprised that it ended up being Tommy, given what happened to him at the end of the last episode. He did at least go out on his own terms, and provide a key part of what ended up being crucial to saving the city in the following episode, in his information about Mordecai, and how Irisa was obsessed with tracking him down.

We also got some nice flashbacks from different times in Tommy’ life, from clashing with Nolan, to begrudgingly learning to respect him, to his proposing to Irisa. Although, if I’m being completely honest, his character was a bit one-note this season, at least he went out on a positive note. That said, I wouldn’t count on Irisa and Berlin being best buddies anytime soon next season- if there is one. She was not a happy camper when we left her, to be sure.

Speaking of flashbacks, we also got a more elaborate one of what turned out to be Irisa and Cai’s ancestors, from way back in 831 B.C. (!), in which we saw that after seizing control of the Kaziri ship, they each obtained a key that rendered it harmless, so long as they never crossed paths again. To that end, each left in pods to opposite ends of the earth and that was that- at least until Irisa ran afoul of Kaziri in the mines at the end of last season. Now the question became, what would happen if the two descendents were reunited- would it hasten the world’s demise or save it? Nolan aimed to find out, after getting Tommy’s body back to Defiance.

Meanwhile, an on-the-run Doc Yewll stumbled upon part of the Kaziri ship and had a run-in of her own, when it took possession of her late wife Lev. No fool Yewll, she recognized what was happening straightaway, and quipped to Kaziri, in her inimitable style: “Did you just hack my imaginary wife?” After fruitlessly arguing with her- for it turns out Kaziri was female in origin- she was not amused with Kaziri’s final solution for humanity, mocking her with a wry “Genocide ho!”

Thankfully, Yewll then proceeded to take out the implant causing her to see Lev in the first place, and poked around looking for something that might just buy her immunity for her crimes. Oh, and save the world and all. Because, you know, that’s important, too. Shortly thereafter, Nolan finally tracked down Cai and ordered him to lead him to Irisa or there would be trouble, and not just from him. Cai wasn’t thrilled, but he went, not that Nolan gave him much of a choice.

We ended this episode with Irisa sitting on a dusty hilltop, floating rocks in the air, and spinning them around her as if they were in orbit, which, as it turned out, they actually were. As Irisa controlled the rocks, so did she control the part of the Kaziri ship that was in space. It fired off some smaller ships, which themselves fired off some smaller sphere-like ships, which then proceeded to fire laser-like streams that cut into everything they came into contact with.

In this case, that happened to be New York, which did not fare well in the end, as the terra-forming mission began in earnest, and alien foliage and creatures started popping up everywhere, as hapless humans and aliens alike were decimated in one fell swoop. It definitely wasn’t pretty, although the effects were kind of cool and colorful.

That was about it for this episode of “Defiance,” but thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long for the finale proper, as it started directly after. All in all, it was a decent episode. Sure, Amanda’s showdown with the Tarrs was somewhat anticlimactic and Tommy went out more with a whimper than a bang, but there was plenty of bang coming in the following episode, so we’ll let that slide. I’m just glad that Amanda finally found out the truth.

What did you think of the penultimate episode of “Defiance”? Were you satisfied with the resolution of Kenya’s murder, or do you wish Amanda had taken the law into her hands instead of taking the high road? Will you miss Tommy? Do you think Berlin will seek revenge against Irisa later on, assuming she and Nolan resurface? What do you make of Amanda and the Mayor’s relationship? What did you make of all the Kaziri stuff, now that it was a little easier to understand with more of the blanks filled in? Sound off below and keep an eye out for my take on Part Two of the finale!