Defiance Season 2 Review “I Almost Prayed”

Defiance - Season 2

In the season finale of “Defiance,” it was do or die time, with Defiance itself on the verge of complete annihilation, after New York fell prey to Kaziri’s first round of attacks, in the wryly-titled “I Almost Prayed.” We saw the Statue of Liberty reduced to a mere head, and bodies strewn everywhere, as alien creatures swarmed the area and foliage arose from the terra-forming assault. Man, NYC doesn’t fare too well in all these disaster flicks and shows, does it?

In time, Irisa’s attentions turned inevitably to Defiance, and two potential solutions arose in the town itself. There was Yewll’s plan, which involved shooting Irisa up with a crystal-like virus, which would hopefully cause Kaziri to self-destruct, but would also kill Irisa in the process.

Needless to say, Nolan wasn’t thrilled about this solution, wanting to try his own, in which one of the keys was removed from Irisa- you’ll recall she took it from Cai earlier this season, though we didn’t know what was really happening at the time- and put back into Cai, thus separating them like they once were, which would hopefully buy them some time to figure out how to save Defiance.

That was a whole lot of uncertainty for the powers that be in Defiance, including the Mayor, the returning Mercado and even Amanda herself, who had Nolan seized. Naturally, he tried to pull a fast one and escape, but Amanda threatened to kill Cai and Nolan had to back off whether he liked it or not, being as how his entire plan hinged on Cai and all.

While all this was going on, a clearly still loopy Pilar reconnected with her daughter for the first time since her return, but not before paying Stahma and Datak a visit and vociferously attacking them both verbally. I guess those two really have changed because they managed to take Pilar’s verbal onslaughts with a smile- not an easy thing when, at one point, Pilar leveled a charge at Datak that Stahma had once blown her husband. Yikes!

Linda Hamilton was obviously having a field day with this sort of material, and it was a joy to watch her go so gloriously over-the-top, lobbing insults at the Tarrs on one hand, while deceiving her own daughter on the other, telling her of a faux, horse-laden paradise that she and her husband should join her in.

The episode ended in part with Pilar having flat-out abducted Christie and Atak alike and leaving town, with Datak and Stahma finding out about it through their new servant and giving chase, after breaking out Rafe from prison- not to mention saving him and Berlin from a freaking firing squad! Yeah, that’s not going to end well.

There was a tense scene in which Yewll told Amanda a half-truth about the whole faux-Kenya thing and her tenure as a spy, telling her she’d done it under duress from an unnamed someone, slyly poking the bear that was the Mayor, but never quite letting the cat out of the bag. That means the Mayor owes her one for keeping his name out of it, but what exactly will she use it for? That remains to be seen as well.

Naturally, Nolan and Cai escaped shortly thereafter, with a nice assist from the latter right as Nolan was about to be shot down by one of the cops in charge of imprisoning him. The two just barely make it to Irisa’s location in time to stop Amanda from firing the crystallized virus bullet at Irisa. Nolan handcuffed Amanda to a car, knocking out the Mayor and Yewll, and making a break for Irisa.

The interaction broke Irisa out of her trance, and Cai was indeed able to retrieve the key, as per Nolan’s plan. With the two keys back to being separated, it was time to deliver the final blow to Karizi, so off to the mines they went. Karizi wasted no time in messing with both Irisa and Cai’s heads, with Irisa finding herself in a jail cell while a visiting Tommy tried to sweet-talk her into helping Karizi so that he could come back. Nolan was just barely able to get through to her and bring her out of the hallucination in time for her and Cai to do what their ancestors did all those years ago, and bring down Karizi for good.

Together, the two were able to redirect the spheres with the lasers to fire into space, where they destroyed the mother ship, effectively ending Karizi’s reign of terror and saving Defiance in the process. Alas, in doing so, they also caused a cave-in at the mines, effectively burying them alive, though we saw at the end that they managed to get themselves into one of those egg-like pods and save themselves.

But that far underground, will anyone find them? I’ve no doubt that Amanda won’t stop till she does, much like Nolan himself did when she was trapped underground a few episodes back. Besides, it wouldn’t be the same show without Nolan and Irisa, so they kind of have to. Well, if the show ends up getting renewed, that is, which is not a for-sure thing as of yet. Here’s hoping they do, as I quite enjoyed this season on the whole.

What did you think of the second season of “Defiance” overall? What do you think will become of Pilar and Quentin once Rafe, Stahma and Datak catch up to them? How will Amanda track down Nolan and Irisa so far underground? Will Amanda ever discover the part the Mayor played in her betrayal? What will Yewll’s favor from the Mayor end up being? What do you think will be the main storyline next season? Sound off below, and hopefully, I’ll see you for the next season!