‘Pretty Little Liars’ (Season 5): Fatal Finale

Pretty Little Liars

The world of Pretty Little Liars is no stranger to death and loss; and yet another resident of Rosewood, Pennsylvania lost their life in last night’s “fAtal finale”.

SPOILER ALERT! If you are one of the few who have yet to watch the mid-season finale of the fan favorite ABC Family teen soap opera, please tread lightly as there will be lots of spoilers forthcoming.

One of the main Twitter hashtags from last night’s episode was #RIPMona; and needless to say, Mona Vanderwaal (series regular Janel Parrish) is no longer among the living. Despite uncertainty set forth by the Rosewood Police Department when Detective Hobrook (recurring guest star Sean Faris) stated that despite the lack of a body given all the blood on hand in the Vanderwaal home, Mona’s “death” was being ruled a homicide; and fans saw the truth of the matter when Mona’s dead body was seen inside the trunk of “A’s” car at the end of the episode.

NOTE: Fans shouldn’t fear that Mona will be gone from the show entirely, as Janel herself shared in a short video that Mona will be seen in flashbacks when the show returns for the rest of its fifth season.

And while the focus of the episode was not only on Mona’s death [which is sad in and of itself] but also learning whether Allison (series regular Sasha Pieterse) was really “A” or not [who thinks she is “A”?] – oh and Spencer (series lead Troian Bellisario) getting arrested for the death of Bethany Young – there were several other small “items” that caught my attention during the episode that I thought deserved to be discussed.

They appear below in no particular order:

• Emily (series regular Shay Mitchell) along with girlfriend Paige (recurring guest star Lindsey Shaw) as well as Hanna (series regular Ashley Benson) and her boyfriend Caleb (recurring guest star Tyler Blackburn) are decorating Emily’s house for Christmas shortly before Thanksgiving Day.

Why do I have an issue with this scene?

Well, Rosewood is in Pennsylvania – a suburb of Philadelphia, in fact. And if it is shortly before Thanksgiving Day, it would be cold outside with possible snow on the ground. The way the four of them are dressed is not sufficient for a November day back east. And I should know because I lived in Pennsylvania for 32 years.

• During the stakeout at Radley, Caleb asked Hanna about a list of prestigious colleges that she had written down (and left in the car). Hanna revealed that she was called into the guidance counselor’s office recently about cheating on the SAT’s, which she didn’t. And, it would seem that Hanna is now – all of the sudden – smart?!

Why do I have an issue with this scene?

Well, it has been made abundantly clear throughout the five seasons of the show that Hanna is not exactly the brightest bulb in the group. I’m not saying that she is the atypical “dumb blonde” in the group or the dumbest girl in school, but it has been proven time and time again, that Hanna does not seem to be very book smart. So, for her to have scored very well on the SAT’s to even consider going to one of those colleges on that list, well, I would sure love to understand how they will explain this twist. Maybe Hanna has great memory retention?!

• The late Mrs. DiLaurentis (former recurring guest star Andrea Parker) certainly got around – she not only had an affair with Spencer’s father Peter (recurring guest star Nolan North) – but also with the father of the late Bethany Young (according to the records found at Radley by Mona and Spencer), who was buried in Spencer’s backyard and mistaken to be the body of Alison.

I don’t really have an issue with this storyline, as the poor woman eventually lost her life, but it certainly makes one wonder what affects these truths might have had on Alison because she had to know about this affair (after all the liars learned that Alison lured Bethany to her house the night of her death) and Alison knew about her mother and Spencer’s dad affair well before any of the other teens learned about it.

• Toby (series regular Keegan Allen) certainly looks in a uniform and was all prepared to graduate from the Academy until that car accident happened.

Here is another case where I don’t have a problem with this scene, but I have to wonder with Toby cooped up in that cast for the next month (which is what Spencer said before the police barged into the coffee shop to arrest her), how much will he be able to help the liars with getting Spencer off the hook for Bethany’s murder?

• We finally get to meet Mona’s mom and she turns out to be played by soap opera alum Sydney Penny (All My Children and The Bold and Beautiful).

I just had to comment about this, as ‘Pretty Little Liar’ has done a great job of casting the parents on this show with former “teen” faves playing the grown-ups in the show; after all Chad Lowe (Life Goes On) and Holly Marie Combs (Charmed and Picket Fences) are Aria parents; Nia Peeples (Fame) is Emily’s mom and Laura Leighton (Melrose Place) is Hanna’s mom. Ms. Penny is among pretty cool company on the show – at least in my opinion.

In the end, we have to say “Rest In Peace” to Mona; and hope that the Liars will be able to flush out “A” (whoever she might actually be) and make her pay for all she has done to so many people. What are your thoughts about the mid-season finale of the show? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

Lastly, fans of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ have become accustomed to a special Halloween episode over the last few seasons, but that won’t be the case this time around because last night’s episode was centered around/on Thanksgiving Day. But have no fear as the cast will be brought together on October 21 at 8/7c on ABC Family for a special interview episode. Mark your calendars!