Graceland (USA) Season 2 Episode 11 “Home”

Graceland Season 2 Episode 11 Home (5)

Graceland Season 2 Episode 11 “Home” airs Wednesday, August 27th at 10:00 PM ET/PT on USA Network.

Episode Synopsis: Graceland Season 2 Episode 11 “Home”- Briggs receives startling information that someone in Graceland has evidence of his past crimes, and he decides to do whatever he must to take that person down, meanwhile the team executes a major bank heist in order to steal the money of Mike’s greatest adversary.

Show Summary: Inspired by a true story, USA’s gritty new one-hour original drama “Graceland” comes from executive producer and “White Collar” creator Jeff Eastin. The series stars Daniel Sunjata (“Rescue Me”) and Aaron Tveit (“Les Miserables”) and will bow in Summer 2013 on USA.

“Graceland” delves into the lives of an elusive group of undercover agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and U.S. Customs, whose worlds collide at a repossessed Southern California beachfront mansion called Graceland (the house got its name when the authorities seized the house from a drug lord known to be an obsessed Elvis Presley fan). With three agencies living under one roof, ordinary roommate issues are amplified, as secrets are a matter of life or death.

Graduating at the top of his class, FBI rookie Mike Warren (Tveit) anticipates a traditional D.C. desk job when he’s unexpectedly shipped to Graceland. Immediately thrown into his first undercover assignment, he relies heavily on the guidance of legendary FBI agent and mentor Paul Briggs (Sunjata). Briggs is an unusually Zen-like senior agent who notoriously hates the rule book and will go to any length to protect Graceland from the outside world. With an ensemble cast, the series also features Vanessa Ferlito (“Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”) as strong-willed DEA agent Catherine “Charlie” Lopez; Brandon Jay McLaren (“Fallen Skies”) as quick-tempered U.S. Customs agent Dale Jakes; Manny Montana (“Chicago Code”) as the fun-loving prankster and FBI agent Joe “Johnny” Tuturro; and Serinda Swan (“Breakout Kings”) as intuitive and merciless DEA agent Paige Arkin.

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