Finding Carter Season 1 Review “Do the Right Thing”

Finding Carter Cast

This is the ninth episode of Finding Carter‘s first season, and the padding has started to become apparent. I was surprised to discover that the show was going to run for more than 8-ish episodes, and that’s because it’s telling a story that’s best kept condensed, tense and concentrated. Now, there are too many complications intruding on the main story thread of family, and it has muddied the waters more than I’d have liked.

Carter’s decision to run away now doesn’t feel like a reaction to David’s many lies and deceits, but a thinly held-together plot point that the writers couldn’t figure out how to make materialize. Bird frames Carter for stealing jewellery, all the while giving Crash a $100,000 necklace to pawn for eventual, convenient bail money? It all feels forced, and Carter is running away to avoid her problems at home rather than making any sort of strong, considered decision.

Is she going to find Lori, or has she decided that both families are too messed up to deserve her? It’s no secret that I dislike Crash as both a character and a love interest for Carter, and her decision to skip town backtracks on a lot of the development we’ve seen her go through in the past few weeks. Deciding that she didn’t actually want to return to her old life, preferring to stay with her biological family and the love and comfort they could offer, was massive, but now it’s more or less erased.

Aside from my problems with Carter’s storyline this week, at least Taylor and Max were around to bring much-needed sunshine and rainbows to the party. Those two are just a delight, and if the show decides to bring any drama down on them before the end of the season, then god help me I won’t be responsible for my words. Realizing that’s a little dramatic, they’re still one of the best things about Finding Carter, and are almost worth losing Alex Saxon from The Fosters.

What did you think of the episode? Where are Carter and Crash heading? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.