Covert Affairs Season 5 Summer Finale Review “Sensitive Euro Man”

Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 10 Sensitive Euro Man (5)

McQuaid was shot! Caitlyn did end up being the mole! Eyal is coming back! Annie and McQuaid finally hopped on the good foot and did the bad thing! The Pink Ranger wised up and put her trust in Annie! Calder went back to his lady friend Stephanie to get an in with a Russian ambassador! Eyal is coming back! Auggie discovered that Annie lied to him again. Georgian diplomat Alec Belenko is our new suspect! The bomb at the treaty signing looked like it was intended for Arthur! Eyal is coming back (I definitely screamed really loud when Oded Fehr popped up in the winter preview).

First off, I’m glad to see Nic Bishop will be returning for the second half of the season. Had he died I would have been staring daggers at the tv the way Annie was when watching Belenko’s press conference. With all the work Bishop put in as Ryan McQuaid, it would have been a shame to throw that away by having him die. Also, he has to meet Eyal. Annie, Eyal, and McQuaid on a mission hunting down Belenko would be gold. You know Eyal would catch on that Annie and McQuaid have slept together and just have fun with that knowledge. My only worry is that the charisma between the three of them would cause my television to explode. Whatever, I’ll take the risk!

Moving on, I should have stuck with my gut instinct on Caitlyn. My gut said she was bad news at the beginning, and she lived up to it. The writers hid it well enough last week though in her “sincerity” in saving Annie. In fact I was very surprised that Annie reached her conclusion about Caitlyn so quickly. I doubt “Sensitive Euro Man” was 10 minutes in before she voiced her concern to McQuaid. Granted, it then allowed the episode to just plow on. The only thing that bothers me is how Caitlyn’s death was handled. Neither Annie nor McQuaid will have a chance to question her now. And unless we are treated to flashbacks involving Caitlyn and Belenko, it means no more Perrey Reeves. In my mind, it means that Caitlyn was there only to serve McQuaid and Belenko’s characters. And Perrey Reeves is the type of actress who deserves more than that. I would have thoroughly enjoyed watching her in the antagonist capacity. It will most likely come out why she ended up betraying McQuaid and decided to work with Belenko, but I would have preferred it to come from Reeves’ own mouth.

That being said, I had no qualms with how the character of Hayley was handled. For someone who is a staunch Yellow Ranger supporter, the Pink Ranger surprised me in a way I didn’t think possible. Amy Jo Johnson did a terrific job, and Hayley held her own. She wasn’t on our side at times because she was against Annie and Auggie, but she always stuck to her guns. She was intelligent, did her job well, honest, and what I personally liked best, didn’t take crap from anyone (*cough* Auggie *cough*). I was concerned at first over how gung-ho Hayley was in terms of pursuing a relationship with Auggie. Looking back on it now she was just a woman who knew what she wanted. And guess what, I would definitely be down with seeing Hayley Price make a return appearance. You won me over, Pink Ranger.

Finally, the implication of Arthur being the target of the bomb is intriguing. Peter Gallagher has been in the background most of the season so I’m hoping this means he’ll get more screen time in the upcoming episodes. I have a feeling now that the treaty bombing may relate to whatever transpired with Joan in the Balkans. Remember she voiced her concern to Arthur in an earlier episode about something that had occurred there (and the CIA doesn’t seem to know about it). Perhaps Belenko wanted Arthur dead as a way to get to Joan. It also begs the question of if Arthur was the target of this bombing, then what was the goal of the Chicago attacks? Was Annie the target there or just the CIA in general? The finale brought up more questions than it answered, but I’m not complaining. This season of Covert Affairs has been the best in my mind, and I’m willing to wait to see how it all resolves- after going back for my Christian Louboutin (always)!