Franklin & Bash Season 4 Review “Kershaw vs. Lincecum” – What Is Beauty?

ranklin & Bash Season 3 Episode 7 Control (2)

In this episode of Franklin & Bash, called “Kershaw vs. Lincecum,” the boys dance through multiple hoops to keep their landlord at bay, while helping a new client and Stanton with their cases.

You know, even with all my experience as a fanfiction reader and writer, I don’t know why I never really saw the slash possibilities with Peter and Jared. That could be because I was more into generic stories and not so much the slash (romantic pairings). But one peek online shows me that I am way behind the times and I have a feeling that this episode will be feeding new stories for slash fans for years to come.

I got a huge kick out of watching the boys try and finagle their way out of a situation where they couldn’t pay their rent on time. It started with offering their landlord Dodgers tickets they didn’t have, which led to them making out… erm, I mean making a deal with a restaurant owner for a private dinner. That lost them their house for the weekend and led to them having to sleep in the same room and arguing over who was going to be “on top” for the night.

Like I said, the slash fanfiction writers are going to have a field day with this one.

Another great part of this episode was watching the great Willie Garson play a man so obsessed with the idea of beauty that he inadvertently turned his wife into the picture of someone else. Once again, the boys discovered a way to win their case, but also did it without unduly angering their tenant. Sadly, they still lost their tenant anyway, but I have a feeling they’ll find someone just as interesting to take his place.

Finally, I thought it was hilarious that the argument they used to help Stanton get on the road to being reinstated as a lawyer was, in fact, true. The man is absolutely a sex maniac. Who knew that would turn out to be a good thing? Call me a softie but I thought it was great that Stanton refused to throw Karp under the bus, even though he was the one who was at fault for the embezzling. It would be nice if Karp realized what his uncle did and they made up and everyone was back on the same team, but I doubt that will happen. Mostly because I know that it is infinitely more interesting to have Karp as an enemy, at least to Peter and Jared.

My favorite bits:

The boys trying to remember what they did the night before by looking at the tickets in their pockets.

“Ticket envy. It’s understandable.”

The boys finding Stanton doing naked yoga in their (his) living room.

All of Stanton’s reasons for why his… ahem… manhood was large.

Stanton suggesting the boys could bunk together. Now that, I would love to see.

Finding out that the boys used a rabbit in a tax evasion case.

“I think it’s pronounced ‘Karp.'”

“You aren’t worthy of being anywhere near Infeld’s ass.”
“Ours maybe… why are we talking about asses?”

OMG! Willie Garson!

“Thanks for the urinal advice.”
“It’s where I do my best thinking.”

Nick declaring himself the “areola king of the west side.”

The boys discovering who the husband was of their new divorce client. Can we say, “Oops”?

“Some games are hard to get through sober.”
“Sorry it’s not a Journey cover band.”
“Me, too.”

“You were hitting on her a little bit.”
“Tiny bit.”

Jared pointing out Stanton having sex 14 times in one night wasn’t that big of a deal when the night lasted for 6 months.

The boys being dared to kiss. The entire conversation they had before they actually did it killed me.

“You just made me kiss him!”
“Come on, was it that bad?”
“It was fine. That’s not the point.”

“No judgment. We’re pro-handy.”

“Cheating on his wife with his wife? Oh wait, I forgot I was in a room with Franklin & Bash.”

Jared not being able to pronounce the word “authenticity.”

The boys informing the judge that they had 641 witnesses to devious and reckless sexual encounters with Stanton.

Kind of being in shock that the boys actually pulled off their little plan.

The look on Anita’s face when the boys said they had plenty of copies of Glamour. Yeah, “raffle” my arse.

“If I had my tools.”
“We have Franklin and Bash.” – Laughed. Out. Loud. That was a good one.

Peter happily taking the painting from Nick.

Stanton telling the boys he heard about them making out and they could “stop the pretense” now. Haha!

The entire “I’m on top” argument.

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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