True Blood Series Finale Review “Thank You”

After seven seasons, True Blood ended its run and our time in Bon Temps has come to a close. As far as series finales go, last night’s episode will certainly not rank among my favorites. As a standalone episode, the series finale was fine, but the season as a whole is one that I am unlikely to ever watch again. On the one hand, the writers did a good job at bringing back familiar faces from past seasons. Viewers got a chance to see the ghost of Steve Newlin, the spunky Dr. Ludwig and the spaghetti loving Niall. Although the show was a bit heavy handed with the flashbacks, we did get some fun background information on the origins Fangtasia and Ginger finally got her moment of glory with Eric in his throne.

Last night’s series finale spent a lot of the final hour bringing Bill’s storyline to an end. Bill had not changed his mind about curing himself and as he wrapped things up with his loved ones, he had one final request of Sookie – that she use her last bit of fairy light to give him the true death and to make her normal, so that she could enjoy a life free of being vampire bait. As one of his last acts, Bill had the pleasure of watching Jessica marry the love of her life – Hoyt.

I like Jessica and Hoyt and I’m happy that they found their way back to each other, but in a very real sense – I simply did not care about their wedding. If the writers were going to introduce a random new character to pair up with Jason, did it really have to be Hoyt’s ex-girlfriend? The flashback to Sookie’s childhood was a bitter reminder at how Tara’s character was thrown away at the start of the season and a reminder that the show never really followed through on her unrequited love for Jason. I would have loved an end to the series that would have brought Tara and Jason together or Tara and Sam. Instead, Tara gets killed before the opening credits of the series premiere and was apparently done in order to redeem Lettie Mae. The storyline was a horrible misuse of Rutina Wesley and Nelsan Ellis. I will never understand the logic in putting a wildly popular character like Lafayette on the backburner. It was nice to see that he seemed bound for a happy ending with James, but it is quite shocking that the character got a total of 10 seconds of screen time in the last episode of the series.

As for Sookie, she finally mustered up the strength to grant Bill’s final wish. Interestingly, as Bill’s condition worsened, Sookie was able to read his thoughts and that appeared to give her the push she needed to go through the painful task of killing her first love. Rather than use her last ball of energy, Sookie went with an old fashioned stake to the heart. In the time jump, we see that Sookie is pregnant and appears to be in a happy relationship with some random person.

By the end of the episode, I felt indifferent about the fate of all the characters, but I was curious as to what Pam and Eric were up to. Of all the “happy endings” we saw, the image of Pam and Eric enjoying international fame and a huge fortune was a fun, campy ending that felt closest to the True Blood that I once loved in earlier seasons. It was also nice to see Eric glamour Sarah Newlin into a miserable life in the basement of Fangtasia.

So that’s it, fellow True Blood fans. What did you think of the series finale? Sound off below!