Teen Wolf Season 4 Review “Monstrous” – He’s ALWAYS Been The Alpha!

Thanks to the VMAs, we got a new episode of Teen Wolf one day early. Like many of the episodes this season, “Monstrous” started off with a great cold open in which we were reminded of three things – (1) Brett is a character that exists; (2) Brett is alive and (3) Satomi really must rethink her pack’s peaceful approach. As much as I loved the cold open, I had mixed feelings about Kira coming to rescue Brett and his fellow pack member. On the one hand, Kira is always a welcome addition to the show, particularly when she’s in kick ass mode. However, Brett is a big, strapping lacrosse player with supernatural abilities. Satomi might want to enroll the remaining members of her pack in a self-defense class or two after all the dust settles with this Benefactor nonsense.

Liam – Champion of Common Sense

Seriously. Liam may have some anger issues and he may be only second to Lydia in terms of how often we’ve seen him cry on the show, but doggone it that kid has a head on his shoulders. Like most of us at home, Liam has not forgotten that someone just tried to set him on fire, that he had to fight berserkers at the hospital and oh yeah, he just became a werewolf like weeks? days? ago.

Note: I no longer have any idea what timeline Teen Wolf is on and I refuse to even attempt to figure it out. I don’t care to discuss it at length, but I’ve got to acknowledge the elephant-sized shenanigan that is time on this show.

Like most normal people, Liam is not keen on rushing to the next deadly crisis, which is a totally normal response. Although I’m not going to get my longed for Allison Argent memorial scene, I liked that his dialogue with Scott allowed for an acknowledgment that despite the pack’s best efforts, they haven’t been able to save everyone. I thought Liam’s questions about the pack assuming this role as gatekeepers for people in trouble due to supernatural-related threats, felt like a continuation of the conversation Melissa and Noshiko had two episodes ago. Why is it the responsibility of Scott’s pack to look out for everyone? As Noshiko aptly observed, their efforts to save everyone are generally part of the effort to save themselves. After watching that cold open with Brett, I’d rather see them put up a fight.

When season 4 comes to an end, I think Liam’s addition will standout as one of the best decisions made by the writers and showrunners. As much as I love seeing Scott in the role of Alpha to a Beta he actually “made,” I’m more intrigued by what Liam can teach Scott.

Meredith – Criminal Mastermind?

I knew after the previews for this episode, I would no longer be able to avoid the whole “Meredith is the Benefactor” reveal. I’ve still got serious issues with the entire premise, but the writers knew exactly how to make this ridiculous storyline a bit more tolerable – Peter Hale.

You know, I lied earlier when I said I wasn’t going to really get into the timeline issues. I’ve got to raise another point. Presumably, this episode picks up shortly after where we left off – Parrish kills Brunski, Meredith reveals herself as the Benefactor, Stiles is carted off to Beacon Hills hospital to see about his concussion and listen to Benefactor mix tapes, cassettes, tapes, cassettes, whatever and Lydia tags along with Parrish as he heads back to the sheriff’s station to interrogate Meredith. Got it.

Despite just taking a bullet, the sheriff is already back at work. Yes, I know the sheriff’s station is severely understaffed between crooks like Hague getting locked up and all the nice ladies at the front desk getting murdered in past seasons. Despite the fact that, according to the show, literally everyone in Beacon Hills is broke – people have said to hell with jobs, I’m gonna get some of that dead pool money. As a result, the sheriff has not been able to keep a full staff. The murder rate of people in the office is probably a huge deterrent as well. I get it. All of this, along with those financial issues they keep reminding us about, means that the sheriff is already back at work. Even if it was just flesh wound, he should be at home or maybe at the hospital comforting his son who just went through another traumatic experience. He and Stiles could have made a makeshift cork board and listened to the Lorraine Martin edition of the Benefactor mixtapes. But no, the poor sheriff is at the station, working hard for the money. And lest you forget, the money is not enough to pay the bills because the Stilinskis still owe the hospital for the botched brain scan from last season – as Stiles reminded us last night. Okay, where was I?

I’m glad the sheriff was around because he had the smartest idea I’ve heard all season – let’s stop the money! Not that easy with very little clues to work with, but definitely a better notion than faking your death or actually threatening the Benefactor. I love you Scott and Chris, but that was a terrible idea.

Back to the sheriff’s station. Parrish is unable to find anything useful in Brunski’s office. You know why? Because Stiles took valuable evidence that might have been helpful – like the Lorraine Martin edition of the Benefactor mixtape.

Peter Hale – Father? Uncle? Someone That Gives A Crap About Someone Not Named Peter Hale?

While Malia and Stiles pursued the mixtape lead at the Martin family lake house, Lydia was able to get Meredith to open up a little, which led to her requesting to speak with the one supernatural who was not on the dead pool – King of V-Necks, Peter Hale.

Disappointed that Peter had the nerve not to show up in the deepest, most luxurious v-neck he could find, she decides to caress his tender, well-moisturized skin as a consolation. Wait that’s not what happened. But if that was Meredith’s motivation, I would’ve totally understood. Meredith was actually admiring how well Peter’s skin healed after the fire. Shocker!

It was interesting to see Peter’s “disdain” about the dead pool that included his nephew and his daughter. Maybe he was being sincere, but I wasn’t buying it. Peter had about as much patience as I have right now with this whole Benefactor kerfuffle and he decides to hit Meredith with the bad touch and get into her head. After the Hale family fire, Meredith and Peter ended up in the same hospital room. I guess this happened because the burn unit, where Peter should have been, was under construction. Yeah.

While in a mysterious coma state, Meredith overheard Peter’s thoughts. Total vulcan mind meld. Peter tried to warn Talia that the Argents were coming for them and she didn’t listen. The Hales went from being the “apex predators” to the weakest in the herd, which left them vulnerable to the Argent’s attack – according to Peter. I think it’s safe to say that this is as reliable as Peter will ever be as a narrator. Peter promised to take out all of the weak supernaturals and remake them in his image. Peter has already figured out how to staff his vengeful endeavor with the mute, the scientist and the Desert Wolf – who we’ve been lead to believe is Malia’s mother.

So it was all Peter’s idea. The scene was a nice callback to Peter’s conversation with Malia in which he told her that all he thought about was getting revenge and killing those who were part of the fire. That would make more sense than spending millions on a dead pool, but the revelation spoke volumes about how Peter saw the other supernaturals around him.

Ian Bohen (Peter) and Linden Ashby (Stilinski) were spectacular in that scene, as was Maya Eshet (Meredith) in the closing scene with Holland Roden (Lydia). We got another call back to Allison’s death, as we learned that Lydia’s scream as her best friend died was what prompted Meredith to put Peter’s plan into action. Very interesting.

Back At Dr. Deaton’s Vet Clinic For Wayward Supernaturals And Adorable Puppies

Dear Teen Wolf Writers,

Stop trolling me.



First – With Satomi’s reintroduction to the show, I’ve only wanted one thing. Just a teeny, weeny bit of face time with Noshiko. At this point, Satomi has damn near had a scene with everyone in Beacon Hills – except for Noshiko. Just 30-60 seconds of reflection on the Nogitsune or anything!

Noshiko: Satomi, how many times have I told you that it is not appropriate to greet people with your Matrix moves. Girl, we get it. You’re awesome. In this instance, however, a simple hello would do.

Satomi: I wouldn’t have to practice my bad ass moves in casual situations if you had just given me a call a few months ago when the Nogitsune was running around. And by the way, have I ever thanked you for bringing that evil trickster spirit to life? No? Well, thanks Noshiko. Way to go.

Noshiko: It was your fault for burning my boyfriend alive. I’m glad to see you’re following a more peaceful way of life.

Satomi: You could have called me. We took him down once, we could have done it again.

Noshiko: Hmmm. You’re probably right. I lost nearly all my tails to that Nogitsune. By the way, why do you look the same age and I look older than I did in the 1940s when I bore an uncanny resemblance to my daughter?

Satomi: Reishi tea.

Instead of bringing Noshiko and Satomi together, we got Satomi and Kira. Sure. Great. Whatever. To add insult to injury, we have a scene in Deaton’s clinic with him nowhere to be found. Sure, there were no medical needs, but we should always have this sense that he and Chris Argent are right there in the thick of it or off doing something to help one of the numerous problems facing the characters this season.

Although the writers denied me Noshiko/Satomi and Deaton (or Morrell), the blow was softened a bit by my favorite silver fox, Chris Argent, who came fully equipped with the gun show. The scene where he’s looking forward, but hits the assassin approaching him from behind was Chris at his best. It will be interesting to see what becomes of the wolfsbane that Chris discovered. I’m guessing that might have been the super potent wolfsbane that Violet used on Brett. Maybe it will come in handy when taking on two berserkers – that is if it finally occurs to someone that you should attempt to STICK the berserkers instead of trying to use tons of fancy sword play.

Even Jon Snow knows this!

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And he knows nothing.

I think that if something is put in an Argent safe or the Hale family vault, it’s probably important. I’m looking forward to seeing how the special wolfsbane comes into play.

Who You Gonna Call? Human!Derek

As Derek wisely observed, Satomi’s pack had fangs and claws, but lacked the skill set to use them as a defensive tool. Admittedly, I giggled at the idea of Scott calling in Human!Derek (and by extension Braeden) to help protect and defend the other supernaturals.

Look, I’m a fan of Human!Derek racking up victories in the win column and I love the edge that being with Braeden has given him. However, I can’t forget the reason Braeden and Derek even came together – so that she could find Kate. If Derek paid a deposit for her services, she owes him a refund. I completely appreciate that the writers are showing us that Derek is such a great person that he would put his own troubles aside to be there for Scott, but like the money woes in Beacon Hills, I didn’t need a reminder that Derek was a great person. I have a feeling that Derek’s power outage is going to tie in to whatever Peter is up to and that sneaky look on his face when Derek gave up his Alpha status to save Cora way back in 3A. If that’s the case, it would be a disappointing and hasty resolution to a storyline that could have given Tyler Hoechlin much more to do this season and potentially next season.

My worries about the direction of Derek’s story aside, I loved his rally speech and thought that Braeden’s one-hand shotgun cock was an effective exclamation point.

Confession: I Am A Terrible Person

Because I am waiting with bated breath for Scott to fully unleash his beast and kill someone. It would be a series highlight for me. I know that makes me a terrible Teen Wolf fan because I should be invested in preserving Scott’s “murginity?” You should probably also judge me for that word.

We keep getting these signs that Scott is going to go dark and it will likely be in defense of someone. We’ve gotten so many signs pointing to it and “Monstrous” was no different. The exchange between Chris and Satomi and Lydia pointing out Scott as an example of someone who wasn’t a monster all seem to be pointing to Scott finally giving in to his were-ways. I suspect, however, that Scott will be on the brink and find a way to hold himself back and it will be with someone who is clearly deserving of death – like Peter. This would be a disappointing outcome, but I can respect the writers wanting to preserve the part of Scott that makes him the protagonist, that “elevated” him to his True Alpha position.

Other supernatural thoughts, observations and feels. . .

– When Stiles calls Melissa by her first name, it gives me Nogitsune!Stiles feels. I miss that guy sometimes.

– I said it last week, but it bears repeating, Maila should have been with Stiles and Lydia at Eichen house – not at a bonfire. I understand why Lydia and Stiles had to split up so that the episode could simultaneously explore Meredith’s investigation and the mystery of the mixtapes, but in a perfect world – Stiles and Lydia should have cracked the code of the mix tapes. I’m not necessarily against Stalia, but I have a problem with the writers repeatedly inserting her into situations where we’ve seen Lydia established. Malia and Stiles working on the mixtape mystery would have felt more organic if she had gone with them to Eichen House initially.

– Another tiny nitpick, though I loved everything with Liam and Scott at the top of the episode, it would have been nice to see him alongside Scott trying to protect Satomi’s pack, which included Brett. That aside, I can appreciate that every relationship does not have to hold a deeper meaning and that perhaps there will be another opportunity for Liam and Brett to work through their tension. Having a common enemy, however, makes it so much easier.

– If you can afford the semiautomatic weapons, ammo and riot gear the assassins had on, you might not be in such a dire financial situation.

– Lydia had $500 on her to pay a carpet cleaner. Girl, you better head over to Target and get a can of Renuzit, a good brush and go to town with a little elbow grease. If times are hard, that should probably be your first choice.

– I know that I keep complaining about the lack of Allison grieving, but if this season passes without Kate and Chris having a conversation about Allison’s death I . . . will . . . lose . . . my . . . shit. For real.

– I’m no fan of Kate, but I do wish that the character was more self-assured. I’m sure she’s probably got a few plans of her own that she hasn’t shared with Peter, but I’m certain that I saw a look of respect and maybe even v-neck attraction on her face.

– For someone who appears to be living in a sewer like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Kate has spectacular hair.

Until Next Moon Day!

Friendly reminder that there will be no new episode of Teen Wolf tonight. “Monstrous” will repeat tonight and I believe a new episode of Wolf Watch will follow. In the meantime, sound off below with your thoughts on last night’s episode and speculation for the rest of the season. Feel free to judge me for using the word “murginity.” Trust me, I played around with several awful alternatives before I settled on that one. Only two more episodes to go!

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