Ray Donovan Season 2 Review “Walk This Way”

The downward spiral continued for the family on this week’s episode of Ray Donovan.

Despite a few, brief moments together, the Donovan family has spent most of this season off on their own excursions, none of which are likely to result in anything good. Terry went from spending his nights stalking Frances to a committed relationship and dreams of moving to Ireland. Bunchy was doing a pretty good job at making a life for himself, but it’s difficult to watch his scenes without being on edge and worrying that the whole thing will unravel for him at any moment. We haven’t spent much time with Daryll this season, which feels symbolic of how isolated he has been from the family after being swindled and mistreated by Mickey in Mexico. Conor has spent a disturbing amount of time chatting online with the movie star and it has gone completely unnoticed by his family. Bridget has reconnected with Marvin Gaye Washington and has taken up smoking weed, skipping school and day drinking. Abby seems aware of how her daughter is spending her days, but has decidedly taken a time out from her family and is pursuing an extra-marital affair. Because of the seemingly never ending assortment of problems he’s fixing and secrets he’s keeping, Ray has found himself spending more time with Mickey than he would like. And Mickey continues to be a manipulative, conniving, crappy dad who is determined not to be controlled by Ray – even if it’s for his own good.

In last night’s episode, it was Conor’s birthday and what did he want more than anything else? To get all of these troubled people together under one roof to celebrate his special day. Luckily for Conor, his parents are both riddled with guilt and seeking to over compensate for their parental shortcomings, which meant that they were willing to throw caution to the side and bring the Donovan family together.

As expected, the party did not disappoint. The family drama in a nutshell:

– Poor Bunchy. As a gesture of kindness, Bunchy invited one of his support group members with him to the family gathering. Definitely not his best idea, considering how the last few gatherings ended, but his heart was in the right place. A wholly inappropriate joke about pedophiles from Mickey triggers Stan’s childhood trauma, which led him to kiss Bunchy. That, of course, did not go over well with Bunchy, who we last saw in the back of Mickey’s busted up car repeatedly saying “I’m not gay.” This certainly won’t bode well for his new relationship and it led him to drink, which is also not good.

– Dead set on pursuing his dream life in Ireland with Frances, Terry decides to confront Ray about selling the gym. Terry is at that gym every day. Where exactly does he think the money to run it is coming from? Business always looks slow and most of the regulars are family.

– Mickey made the misguided decision to give Conor his car as a birthday gift, despite the fact that Conor can’t drive for another year. As seen in the first season of Ray Donovan, the car has special meaning to Claudette and by extension, Daryll. Mickey has further alienated Daryll and I think it’s safe to say that he won’t be seeing Claudette for awhile.

– Bridget has decided that the breakdown of their family is all her mother’s fault, which is extremely frustrating to watch but I understand the character choice. Bridget has always been more of a daddy’s girl. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Bridget call Ray out for a late night, but she certainly took notice of her mother being out until 2 AM and didn’t hesitate to tell Ray about it. I actually thought Ray was much more perceptive about his family and although he’d have no reason to suspect Abby was cheating, I was surprised to see how hard Bridget’s accusations about Abby hit him. Although Ray has warned Abby that he’s on to her, he’s clearly unencumbered by the hypocrisy of him reaching out to the reporter again. Ugh.

Despite the fact that his birthday party was a complete disaster, Conor was still in a festive mood, as he enjoyed champagne, cake and a little Run DMC. The closing scene with Ray and Conor completely letting go was one of my favorites of the entire series.

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