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Alexis, Jeanne - Falling Skies

Warning – this article includes recent events from Falling Skies – if you are not up to date on your viewing, you might want to turn back now!

During its four seasons, Falling Skies has brought us more than one kind of merger of different species. Some of these combinations are creepier than others, but all of them are related to the Espheni war effort as they try to defeat the earth forces.

This kind of thing is probably one of the greatest dangers during an earth invasion. After all, in order for the alien species to invade earth, it means their technology must be superior to ours. Otherwise, they would not be able to travel here. Fighting against a superior force with a higher level of scientific knowledge can become an insurmountable task.

Let’s take a look at the tricks the Espheni have up their sleeves as they fight to conquer earth.

Human-Espheni Hybrid

Alexis - Falling Skies

So far, the only example of this is Alexis, Tom and Anne’s daughter. Based on recent revelations, she started out completely human, but when Anne was captured by the Espheni, they interfered with her then unborn child by mixing alien DNA with human DNA. The result was that Alexis developed at a highly accelerated rate.

She is now fully grown from a physical point of view, but mentally she is still very childlike. This makes it easier for the Espheni Overlord to influence her and mislead her. She also has super powers which she is unable to control due to her mental youth. She relies on the Overlord to help her control the powers, and probably because of that reliance trusts him more than she should.

Harnessed Humans

Harness - Falling Skies

One of our first introductions to the Espheni and their ways was the discovery of teenagers who were “harnessed.” What this means is that they had a device attached to their backs and fused with their spines that rendered them docile and obedient to the Skitters who supervised them.

The first main character we knew to be harnessed was Ben Mason. He was captured sometime shortly after the initial invasion, and made to work with a group of harnessed teens. The Skitters protect those harnessed under their control, and because of the harness Ben did not want to go with Tom when a rescue was attempted. Then the harness almost killed Ben when Anne tried to remove it! She was able to partially remove it but had to leave some spikes behind. The presence of the spikes allows Ben to be used as a communication conduit with the Espheni and the Skitters, and also gives him extra strength and other enhanced abilities.

Another main character in this category is Karen. She was captured during an early rescue mission to free Ben, and was then harnessed. When she turned up with her harness removed everyone was surprised, but it was later revealed that it was all a ploy for her to spy for the Espheni and find the Skitter rebels. Once discovered and reunited with the Espheni, she willingly let them reattach the harness.

Human-Skitter Hybrid

Jeanne Weaver - Falling Skies

This is a new tactic being used by the Espheni, who seem to really enjoy intermixing human DNA with that of other species. They like to experiment on prisoners, and do not care about the causalities of failed experiments. I guess they never heard of the Geneva Convention!

Sadly Jeanne, Dan Weaver’s daughter, was one of the first hybrids we saw who survived the process. The good news for humanity is that the merger did not completely work, in that Jeanne retained some of her humanity and protected Dan from an attack by a Skitter. Unfortunately she died protecting him.

Eye Worms

Eye Worms - Falling Skies

In some of the creepiest moments of the show, we have seen that the Espheni also have as part of their arsenal mechanical bugs, also called eye worms, that can enter the human body and migrate to the brain, leaving the inhabited person obedient. The person can resist, but that comes with consequences.

When Hal was infected with the eye worms, he initially resisted and the result was that he was unable to walk and everyone thought he was paralyzed. While he slept and was not able to resist, he would walk out and meet Karen, who used her control of him to help kidnap Anne and Alexis.

Karen also infected Lourdes with the eye worms, and used her as a mole in Charleston. In addition, Lourdes was used to murder President Hathaway while he was in the infirmary in Charleston. Alexis was able to remove the eye worms from Lourdes, who was so grateful that she became a priestess in the group who worshipped Alexis.

An Alternate Blend

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My personal opinion and vote go to the Human-Skitter hybrid. I mean, really, just look at that picture of Jeanne and tell me that does not creep you out! The thought of being transformed into something else is pretty freaky.

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