Masters of Sex Season 2 Review “Asterion”

Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 7 Asterion 7

In the latest episode of “Masters of Sex,” Masters and Johnson rented out some new digs in an office building in a questionable part of town, in “Asterion.” The very definition of a transitional episode, the show ran through the course of several relatively uneventful years, as Masters and Johnson continued to work together, but ceased seeing each other on the side like before. Not that things went much better for them without the personal relationship between them.

As Johnson plowed her way through various suitors, some of which she barely bothered to get to know beyond the most surface of ways- she couldn’t even remember what one did for a living when she saw him some time later- Masters went on to add to his family, with Libby having another child. Not that this improved matters, as Libby herself admitted to Johnson that the two hadn’t had sex in over a year. Eventually, Masters and Johnson opted to rekindle their relationship, simply because it was making things tough between them more than anything else, though the circumstances remained the same: Masters would remain married, while Johnson continued to play the field.

Joining them at the new locale were Lester, back at filming again after things didn’t work out with Jane; and Betty, who Masters hired in spite of his spotty past with her, saying that he owed her for the solids she’d done for him in the past. Meanwhile, Masters put everything he had into securing his own private practice, much to his wife’s chagrin when she discovered he’d put up the house as collateral, among other things. Not helping matters was his impotency, which left him not only able to perform sexually with his wife, but literally anyone, including various hookers he solicited.

As the bills piled up, they rented out space to Flo, Johnson’s diet pill connect, who kept trying to stiff them for the rent. Master’s mother offered to help, but Masters was too pig-headed to accept, so she had to go over his head and use Betty to insert the cash into the practice’s funds. Masters wasn’t fooled for a second, but he managed to forge an uneasy peace with his mother in spite of himself.

Austen, on the other hand, was not so successful doing so with his ex-wife, who he begged to come back to, but was refused, after Lester recognized his current significant other did porn. He and Johnson commiserated their mutual miserable states at one point as well, as she finally admitted that she had indeed been involved with Masters sexually, but wasn’t anymore.

That all changed by the end of the episode, which saw Masters uncharacteristically making their sexual encounter all about Johnson, then pulling some strings to secure their favorite hotel by offering up his services as a doctor on call in exchange for a room. As ever, Libby remained clueless about the nature of their true relationship beyond the workplace, even inviting Johnson on a family vacation because Masters was more “pleasant” when Johnson was around.

That was really it, and as such, though perhaps a necessary evil, this was easily one of the lesser episodes of the season. Basically, the entire episode was about getting from point A to point B, reshuffling the deck and steering our intrepid couple back to each other’s arms once again. As such, it was relatively uneventful, though, as ever, impeccably acted and scripted. I would probably have been more disappointed if the end result wasn’t moving things forward so that we got Masters and Johnson back to doing what they do best: the study, and each other.

What did you think of “Masters of “Sex” this week? Were you disappointed that more didn’t happen? Are you glad Masters and Johnson are together again? Do you think Masters and Libby will break up sooner than later? Will she find out about Johnson via Masters’ mother? Will the practice rebound financially for real? Does Austen have a prayer at a normal life? How about Betty or Lester? Let me know what you think down below and see you next week!