The Last Ship Season 1 Review “No Place Like Home”

The Last Ship Episode 10 No Place Like Home (2)

On the season finale of “The Last Ship,” it was finally time to go home, but, as per usual, it was not without some hitches, in “No Place Like Home.” As most predicted, myself included, Chandler’s wife did indeed get infected on her last run to the store, and unfortunately spread the disease to the rest of the family accordingly. Knowing they didn’t have long to go, Chandler’s father opted to hit the road in search of Olympia, where apparently they were able to help the sick. However, as us “Walking Dead” fans noted, it was a false promise meant to lure the sick to their doom, as, once there, they were given a concoction that ultimately led to their demise. Could Chandler get there in time to save them?

Well, yes and no, unfortunately. After Fort Derick, their initial destination, proved demolished, they headed to the next best port, near Baltimore, where Mrs. Gunderson, whose daughter was on the ship, was located. According to her, they had an ad-hoc lab there that could be the answer to Doctor Scott’s prayers to mass produce the virus cure. Granderson, as the former vice-chair of the President’s policy board, told them that the President and most of the government had gone to the bunker, where they had been radio silent long enough that they were presumed dead.

In light of this, she had formed a team largely consisting of the local and state law enforcement to maintain the peace as best as she could, while holed up in an office building with coal-burning capabilities, which allowed them power. She had also gathered the best and brightest there, where they were also reportedly working on a cure- or was it more of a final solution, as it were?

Sad to say, that was indeed the case, and the Nathan James was lead astray. Fortunately, they had the good sense to leave the essentials for making the cure on the ship while they sent a team to check things out. Unfortunately, by the time they figured out things were not as they seemed, Granderson’s people had boarded and had set about taking over the ship, starting with the control room, where they shot several people, including Dr. Tophet. When we last leave them, the entire crew was on deck while Norris held the control room at gunpoint, including Slattery.

Meanwhile, Chandler figured out what was going on the hard way and a shoot-out ensued with Granderson’s team. Chandler sent part of his team to alert the ship, while he and another shipmate headed towards Olympia, which turned out to be a stadium. There, they found Chandler’s family, save one: his wife, who had sadly already passed. He gave the rest the cure and off they went, just barely escaping, but not before figuring out what was really going on, including the fact that they were burning bodies to power Granderson’s headquarters. Yikes!

And so the season ended, with Chandler reunited with his family and headed who knows where, Dr. Scott trapped at Granderson’s headquarters, having also figured out what was going on; the ship under siege by Granderson’s men and Tex having headed out, but still in town for the time being. Also worth noting was the fact that the seemingly nefarious team, known as the Warlords, turned out to be not so bad as we thought, as they are wise to Granderson’s ways and seeking to bring her down. My prediction for next season would be that those men and women not onboard the ship or in Granderson’s building will join together with the Warlords to take down Granderson and her people and hopefully get control back over the ship. But they’ve certainly still got a long way to go before that all happens, to be sure.

All in all, a pretty solid first season, with a nice set-up for another. As the show did indeed get renewed, those of us who enjoyed it will be glad to know that the story will continue on for another season, so we won’t be left hanging. Obviously, it could have gone either way, but I for one, am glad it did get renewed as, despite its faults, it was a reasonably enjoyable show overall. I think as long as they don’t try to get carried away dragging it out longer than they should, it should make for an interesting second season. Whether it warrants another remains to be seen, but I definitely enjoyed this one.

What did you think of “The Last Ship”? Were you upset that it didn’t have more of a fixed ending, or are you glad it was left open-ended instead of wrapping things up too quickly? Are you looking forward to another season? Or are you done with the show, in light of its new direction, as of this episode? Let me know what you thought down below, and hope to see you next season!