Siblings Series 1 Review “Intern School”


Siblings isn’t exactly a complicated show. Each week, Hannah and Dan are put into a situation in which they can act terribly, possibly ruining someone else’s life in the process but definitely maintaining their mediocre, lonely status quo. When Hannah’s intern told her that her life was depressing in this week’s episode, you’re inclined to agree with her.

The trouble with this being the point to which our two protagonists return at the end of each episode is that it also makes the show kind of depressing, using the static nature of the sitcom in the wrong way. The best throwaway comedies make their audience content or happy at the end of each adventure, even if it’s for otherwise unlikeable characters, but Siblings is currently on the wrong side of that crucial line.

Hannah is still a much better character than brother Dan, who spent this week hanging around with a group of school kids in a misguided attempt to get back at an old bully. The resolution to that storyline was indicative of the problem with his character on the whole. He’s stupid and naive, sure, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t just as mean and vindictive as his sister when it counts.

If Siblings realised this, there’s a chance it would be a more entertaining series, but I don’t hold out much hope for that happening. For now, there are still a good few laughs in each episode, as well as some well-placed comment on the nature of the mentor/intern dynamic, but it’s all undone once we get to those too-tidy, immoral resolutions.

Hannah and Dan are back to being as awful as they were at the start – static and unchanging – but that’s not so good when they’re such abhorrent people to begin with.

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