Extant Season 1 Review “Incursion”

Extant Season 1 Episode 7 & 8 More in Heaven and Earth; Incursion 3

On the second of two episodes of “Extant,” we picked up more or less where we left off, as Kern came clean about what he knew in “Incursion,” including the fact that Sparks was not in charge, but someone else- who, he didn’t know, but we know it to be Yasumoto- and that the “offspring” was to be moved asap, in light of Molly’s discovery of its location, or at least her coming close to it. We also found out that Yasumoto was well aware of the baby’s connection to Molly, at least to a certain point, and expressly forbade Sparks from harming her until such time as it was proven that doing so would not do more harm than good.

Further, Yasumoto finally came clean with Sparks that he was dying and that the substance he was using to sustain himself- which came from the same location as the alien- was swiftly running out. He also knows that Sparks has been communicating with his daughter, Katie, via the alien, and therefore, both had something at stake. To that end, he ordered that the baby be moved to a contingency site until the situation was resolved, but that, once it was determined that they didn’t need Molly, Sparks could deal with her as he saw fit.

Sparks disagreed, and ordered Kern to kill Molly, going directly against Yasumoto’s wishes, which may well have consequences later on. In the short term, however, it led Kern to formulate a plan to get to the baby with Molly and Kryger and intercept the baby as they were transporting it. Unfortunately, the plan went sideways after the baby had an adverse reaction to being moved and emitted some sort of cloud-like fog, which Sparks sent someone in to investigate but to no avail, as the man never came back out. Next thing you know, everyone is firing on one another, not unlike the incident in which that one doctor went crazy and held that other doctor hostage, only worse, as most everyone was killed, save Sparks and Kern.

Sparks realized that Kern was helping Molly and gave chase to both, eventually catching up to Molly and shooting her- or did he? Instead, it was revealed to be someone else, and shortly thereafter, he saw Katie, who said that the baby needed their help, at which point the episode ended. Not sure where all that is headed, but I assume the baby wants to interact with Molly or it wouldn’t be reacting the way it has and sending her messenger birds or whatever.

Other stuff: Dr. Woods accused Julie of tampering with Ethan, which she denied, at which point he realized it might be Ethan himself that did it. This was somewhat confirmed when Ethan took off on his bike on his own and was confronted by some bullies who tried to take his bike after maliciously taking out a “sweeper” robot. Pushing him down, they damaged his face, exposing his tech and sending the boys scurrying for the hills as they realized they’d picked the wrong kid to mess with. Dr. Woods took him and the other robot (at Ethan’s behest) to the lab for repairs. Julie tells Ethan that his job is to find his own function- just like any human- and that’s how he was designed.

This notion is probably not going to go over too well with boyfriend Odin, who, when we last saw him, was left alone with Julie and Ethan, which can’t be good. It’s kind of unnerving that Odin acts so cool with Ethan knowing what we now do about his underlying motives in getting involved with Julie. I’m guessing that’s not going to end too well. Also probably not going to go well: Dr. Woods’ decision to go after Molly.

So, this was another solid, exciting episode. As with more recent episodes, the pace is picking up and the plot’s forward momentum is steadfastly increasing with each episode. I really like this development, and I’m sad that CBS seems to be burning through the season, with seemingly little confidence in the show moving forward. That’s too bad, as I genuinely think that the show has promise. I’ll allow that the general premise may wear thin over time, but as of yet, it hasn’t, and with the baby still growing, the possibilities are endless as to where they could go from here. Would it kill CBS to allow the show a little time to grow, not unlike the baby? Probably not, but prospects don’t look good, I’m afraid.

What did you think of the double dose of “Extant”? Do you like the direction the show seems to be headed in? What do you think will happen next? What direction do you hope the show goes in, for that matter? Will Ethan continue to go rogue? Will Odin destroy him? Will Julie save Ethan? What will become of Molly? Or the baby? What does “Katie” want Sparks to do? Is Dr. Woods headed into trouble? Let me know what you think down below and see you for another double dose of the show next week!