Extant Season 1 Review “More in Heaven and Earth”

Extant Season 1 Episode 7 & 8 More in Heaven and Earth; Incursion 6

On the first of two new episodes of “Extant,” Molly discovered that there is “More in Heaven and Earth” than was dreamt of in her philosophy, and then some. After an opening flashback to the moment in which Sparks discovered what happened on the Aruna to his daughter- and the subsequent decision to recruit Molly to a follow-up expedition after she asked what she could do- we moved ahead 23 months to present day, as Molly realized that at least one other person could verify her story: Derek Pearce, the man in charge of monitoring the Aruna footage.

After a visit to Pearce proved fruitless, Molly continued to research him, realizing that a penthouse suite was awfully impressive for a man on her level, if not less so. A closer look revealed that Pearce managed to buy said place for all of a dollar! Needless to say, Molly found this suspicious and looked into the company he made the purchase from, which proved to be a now-defunct mining company, Claypool Industries. Factor in the fact that she also discovered that the Aruna expedition involved mining as well, which was clearly covered up so that people wouldn’t know what they were looking for, and it was obvious there was more than met the eye there.

Almost as if to confirm her suspicions that something shady was going on, Molly went to meet Pearce after confronting him with this newfound info, only to discover he was dead of an apparent “suicide.” Um yeah, right. Undeterred, she confronted Sparks with the video she got from Kryger, rattling him just enough for him to go straight to the building that housed her baby, which she later tried to get into by sweet-talking a security guard. Alas, he was in on it and called for back-up, after taking her to the former location of Claypool and locking her inside.

Lucky for her Kryger had convinced Kern in the meantime to see the error of his ways and join Team Molly, and Kern was able to get Molly out of there just in time to evade the back-up the security guard sent for. But what would happen next for them, now that Sparks knew she knew more or less exactly what was going on, and had essentially found the location housing her baby? About their only advantage was Kern, but only time would tell if that would be a good thing.

Other stuff: we discovered that mental illness runs in Kern’s family- or did it? Was Kern’s father crazy, or was he simply affected by the same thing that affected Molly and Kryger? We also saw that Ethan’s vastly improved mental capabilities weren’t slowing down- if anything, they were gaining traction, as Ethan learned to speak Japanese on the fly, without any real help from anyone. Domo arigato, Mr.Roboto!

Later on, he also learned to ride a bike in record time. Between these things, and Ethan’s declaration that he had a “secret” part of his mind, Dr. Woods became completely freaked out and attempted to intentionally slow Ethan’s mental progress- only someone blocked him from doing so. Was it Julie, as he suspected, or Ethan himself?

Molly and Dr. Woods had dinner with Yasumoto, with Woods discovering that the anti-Humanichs Femi Dodd is actually Yasumoto’s girlfriend. We also discovered that Dodd’s rejection of humanoid robots was no front, as she was part of a radical group dedicated to impeding the influx of such things, and that their next target was Ethan himself.

The team leader of the organization? None other than Odin, Julie’s current squeeze, with whom she shared way too much information with for Ethan’s own good, including that the team’s ultimate goal with Ethan was complete free will- a notion which clearly didn’t rest easy with Odin, any more than Yasumoto’s interest in copying a person’s brain and inserting it into a Humanich in order to achieve a sort of immortality went over too well with Dodd. Not sure what Dodd’s motives are, but Odin lost his arm to a drone in the war, so he clearly has unresolved issues with that, and has effectively declared war on not only humanoid robots, but drones and mechanical workers in general.

That was about it, save the fact that the baby is apparently trying to communicate with Molly, sending her a message of sorts via a flock of birds, which smashed into the window of the location where it was being held and then proceeded to form the symbol that Molly saw in various places over the last few episodes, including on her own stomach. Pretty freaky stuff!

As ever, the tension continues to build on “Extant” at a methodical pace that might seem slow to some, but to me is vastly improved over the earlier weeks of the show. The show has clearly found its groove and is in the zone as it were, but is it too late? The fact that CBS chose to air two episodes back-to-back isn’t the greatest sign in the world, and coupled with the revelation that they’re doing the same thing next week as well, it would seem to indicate that they are burning off the remaining episodes as quickly as they can. That’s unfortunate, as the show was really starting to grow on me.

What did you think of episode one of “Extant”? Has the show grown on you too? Are you glad you didn’t have to wait an extra week to see another episode, or do you also think it’s a bad sign? Do you really think the baby is trying to communicate with Molly? What’s the story on Kern and his father? Is it mental illness or was his father also affected by the alien? Was Kern as well? Do you think Ethan will turn evil, as Odin clearly thinks he will? Or is Ethan simply doing what Dr. Woods programmed him to do by approaching things the way he did? Let me know what you think down below!