Defiance Season 2 Review “Bottom of the World”

Defiance Season 2 Episode 10 & 11 Doll Parts/Bottom of the World (4)

In the first of two episodes of “Defiance,” we saw what lay at the “Bottom of the World,” as the visiting Ambassador Tennety (Jane McLean) came to tour the mines, along with the Mayor, Amanda, Nolan, Irisa and Berlin. Trouble arrives via a cave-in, which separates the Mayor and Amanda from the rest, and outright kills Tennety. It’s up to Nolan and Berlin to save the day, after getting Rafe’s advice on where the best place to drill a hole in order to reach them was. Faster than you can say spelunking, the two went down a long shaft into the murk, and used an explosive to get to Amanda and the Mayor just in time, as their oxygen supply was all but gone by then.

The drama didn’t end there, as Nolan discovered that the cave-in was no accident, and that someone had deliberately caused the explosion that almost killed two E-Rep officials- and did claim the life of one- to say nothing of innocent bystander Amanda. Turns out it was none other than Quentin, Rafe’s son, which explains his sudden reappearance. He did it in order to free his captive mother Pilar (sci-fi royalty Linda Hamilton, aka “Sarah Connor” of “The Terminator”), then proceeded to throw his own father under the bus for the crime he committed- which Rafe accepted without a fight, knowing that the alternative was his son’s life being spent in prison.

As ever, he put his kids over all else, something it took Pilar to remind Quentin of when he laughed that he’d gotten the better of his old man. Not so much. Still, Rafe’s loss is the viewer’s gain because who doesn’t love Hamilton? Hell, I liked her even more when she smacked the crap out of her petulant son for acting all high and mighty like he was somehow better than Rafe. What a tool. I mean, I get wanting to save your mother, but did he really have to pin it on his dad? Pretty low.

Meanwhile, speaking of low, after Irisa failed to steal a terrasphere from the E-Rep Field Office- Nolan stopped her just as she was about to get away and returned it- she played the ex card with Tommy, who stole it for her. His reward? A new friend in Irzu- but not for long. In the meantime, Tommy joined up with the rest of Irzu’s followers-cum-host bodies. Irisa held up the terrasphere in triumph and it flew off into the air then into the ground, as glow-worm-like thingees floated up to the surface and formed egg-like cocoons around many of the followers before transporting them back underground to a “Matrix”-like tree of lost souls.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly didn’t see that coming! Nor anything else that was revealed in the second episode that night, but we’ll get to all that in review no.2. As far as this one goes, it was the lesser of the two episodes, but it had its moments. The opening would-be heist was fun- did you notice the “Wanted” poster for Dr. Yewll? – and Tennety went out as snarky as ever (when she tweaked Amanda for going from the Mayor to a hooker and offered her a job in her office as a secretary, Amanda amusingly shot back: “Thank you- I already work with prostitutes.”), leaving behind two- count ‘em! – husbands. I guess in the future sisters really are doing it for themselves! (And this wasn’t even her first pair, as longtime viewers will recall.)

We also saw the beginning of the end for Deidre “Treasure Doll” Lamb, whose sad story would be the centerpiece of the following episode. Here, she threatened Alak, swearing up and down she’d make him hers one way or another, a fact that did not go unnoticed by mama bear Stahma, which I think led most of us to believe that she was likely going to take matters into her own hands sooner than later. She did pay Datak a visit first to try and get him to kill the girl, but Datak took a pass after Stahma refused to consider reconciling with him, saying she’d rather take care of it herself. “I’d snap her like a twig,” promised Stahma, and we certainly had no reason to doubt her.

Also, Berlin sadly broke things off with Nolan after he got a little too concerned about Amanda’s welfare for her tastes, which she later informed Amanda of after she and Nolan successfully rescued her and the Mayor. Speaking of which, the Mayor and Amanda had a moment of their own while trapped in the cave, which directly led to them kissing, though the Mayor admitted he wasn’t exactly on the up-and-up, all things considered. Gee, you think?

I didn’t mind this episode on the whole, but it was more of a means to an end than anything else: it propelled the “Treasure Doll” storyline to its inevitable end in the next episode; moved forward the Irisa/Irzu plot to the next stage; got Linda Hamilton back onto the show; and paved the way for a potential rekindling of the romance between Nolan and Amanda- though she might not be entirely done with the Mayor, as they did kiss, after all, even if he did admit he was a monster. So, it was mostly exposition, but decently entertaining exposition, so I won’t hate too much.

What did you think of the first episode of “Defiance”? Who did you think caused the cave-in, if not Quentin? What did you think Irzu (or whatever) was up to before it was mostly revealed in the next episode? Will Rafe eventually admit he didn’t cause the explosion? Will Quentin admit that he did? What will Pilar get up to now that she’s back in action? Who will Amanda choose? Sound off below and see you for review number two!