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Royal Pains - Season 6

In this episode of Royal Pains, called “Hankmed on the Half Shell,” Evan tries to figure out how to quit Ray, Divya takes a stand and Hank finds out everything that happened while he was gone, including what his little sister has been up to recently.

Wake Up, Little Emma

Emma has definitely let her current situation get out of control. I don’t think she ever meant things to go as far as she did, but I was disappointed in her for not coming completely clean to her big brothers. As soon as Hank and Evan confronted her about the photo, she should have told them about the prescription pad as well. By not doing that, she showed how she’s not even remotely ready to grow up. If she’d truly been sorry for everything she had done, she would have fessed up about that and let her brothers help her. Instead she just got herself into deeper trouble, which has been a theme for her this season.

I Can’t Quit You

One thing you can say about a shooting is that it tends to put everything on the table and that’s exactly what Ray’s shooting did in this episode. Not only did it reconcile Ray and his estranged wife out of the woodwork (I told y’all she was the shooter!), but it let her know that putting a bullet in her husband as a means of teaching him a lesson wasn’t the best plan because of his illness. Ray getting shot was also the catalyst that Evan needed to put a renewed effort into breaking up with Ray for good. While their walk in the woods didn’t do the trick, I was happy to see that Hank was able to finally take care of that.

Evan’s Brilliant Plan

That left HankLab out in the cold again, but Evan came up with the brilliant plan to go see Boris. As soon as he did it, I had one of those smack myself on the head moments and said, “Of course! Boris! Why didn’t they think of him sooner?” While I haven’t loved all of the storylines involving Boris, I do love the character and I’m excited by the prospect of him working with HankMed full-time. Good job, Evan.

Don’t Mess with Momma-Bear

Divya’s situation with Sashi’s grandmother ended almost as soon as it began, but it was good to see her momma-bear instincts kick in so she could fight her own battle. I have no doubt that both Hank and Boris would have stormed that place with swords drawn to rescue Divya, but it was good for her to protect her daughter on her own. Divya’s return also precipitated a cease-fire between her and Jeremiah, which was nice to see. I don’t know how to interpret their hand-holding at the end of the episode, but since I still can’t see one ounce of sexual chemistry between them, I’m going to call that a friendship thing and leave it at that.

My favorite bits:

Ray referring to Jeremiah as “Jerry.”

Ray trying to point out that not calling the police was barely a misdemeanor, like jaywalking, and Jeremiah responding that he didn’t jaywalk either.

Finding out that Evan called the cops. Good man.

Paige: “I am a normal person. Being shot at? So not normal.”

Hank treating little Jakob and doing the whole thing while conversing in Spanish.

Jeremiah: “I don’t understand anything you just said.”

A super-sexy clam sandwich commercial. I can’t think of anything weirder.

Evan’s attempt to quit Ray not working half as well as he hoped.

Divya: “Unless you plan on physically restraining me, I am taking Sashi today.”

The look on Evan’s face during the hug he shared with Paige and Bob.

Bob totally backing out of going with Ray and Evan. Well, that was helpful.

Poor Jeremiah telling Sloane she wasn’t the first woman he disappointed that week. That hurt my heart.

Hank finding out a lot of disturbing information within the first minute of their staff meeting.

Paige putting together the evidence to prove that Olivia shot Ray. Nicely done!

Olivia describing shooting her husband as a “warning shot.”

Hank: “I think it’s best if we part ways.”
Ray: “Can’t we at least discuss it?”
Hank: “Ray, we just did.”

Hank and Evan making themselves scarce when they saw Jeremiah and Divya having a moment.

Evan taking Hank’s tie and displaying not one bit of guilt about it.

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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