Finding Carter Season 1 Review “Half Baked”

Finding Carter Cast

David has been approaching arch villain status all season Finding Carter, and now he seems irredeemable. Not only did he lie to Carter about arranging a final, farewell meeting between her and Lori, but he also staged a massive emotional con designed to persuade his daughter that writing the book his publishers wanted was the best thing for everyone.

Elizabeth may have started out as the bad guy, with David and Lori the opposing heroes in Carter’s life, but the show has done a complete u-turn. Even revealing the details of the affair (which we obviously haven’t seen the last of) didn’t really deflect viewer scorn away from David, and it’s only a matter of time before someone finds out how long he’s really been working on the book.

With all of the family drama going on, there wasn’t really much room left in the episode for the various other threads. Carter and Crash are still as loved-up as ever, Max and Taylor are still as awkwardly adorable as they’ve always been, and the unexpected bromance between Max and Grant is still going strong, but the episode was first and foremost about ‘saving’ Elizabeth and David’s marriage.

This week we learnt that MTV has renewed Finding Carter for a second season, so we can thankfully enjoy the last few episodes without the fear that things will be left unresolved. We can assume that we have more drama from both Kyle and Lori to come, since they’re the two that have been hurt the most by this new family dynamic, but first we have to deal with the fallout from David’s actions.

Will the news that she has been lied to yet again push Carter out of the house and back to Lori? Something has to give there, as just deciding that this is her new family and forgetting about the woman who raised her couldn’t have lasted forever. There are three episodes left, after all.

What did you think of the episode? Who will be the first to uncover David’s many lies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.