Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Review “No One Here Can Love or Understand Me”

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 11 No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

On the next-to-last episode of the mid-season of “Pretty Little Liars”– not counting the special Christmas episode, of course- we found out some pretty juicy information, both about the seemingly dastardly Melissa (finally!) and Caleb’s mysterious endeavors in Ravenswood, which he’s been tight-lipped about ever since his return, in the mournfully-titled “No One Here Can Love or Understand Me.”

First off, I’ve been harping about Melissa being in on everything since time out of mind- and I’m sorry, I’m still not entirely convinced she’s as innocent as she claims- but we did get some pretty solid information from her for once, just before she disappeared into the ether once again. Still, I’m fan enough to admit I may have been wrong about her, though who among us haven’t made that mistake before? Let’s face it, on this show everyone’s a suspect for something or the other- we just don’t know exactly what until we do know- if we ever do.

Hell, the show itself seemed to speak for the fans in this telling exchange, with Aria and Hanna lamenting the lack of forward momentum on the “A” front, among other situations.

Aria: “It means what it always means. Nobody tells you anything when you want to know it, only when they feel like telling it.”
Hanna: “Then they only tell you enough to make you crazy to know more.”

Preaching to the choir, girls, preaching to the choir.

Anyway, Melissa made a video confessional to Spencer after she’d already left with her dad to split town to go back to England- or so she said. According to her, she saw Spencer with the shovel the night of Ali’s “death” and followed her, finding what she thought was Ali’s dead body on the ground, which she then subsequently buried- while she was still alive, mind you- to cover up her sister’s crime. Only, as we now know, it wasn’t Ali at all, but Bethany Young.

Melissa might not be guilty of being “A,” but she’s certainly guilty of killing someone in one of the worst imaginable ways, and covering it up, albeit on what she thought was her sister’s behalf. So, I might not have been right about that- maybe- but I was certainly right about her being up to something. Here’s the thing, though: why was Bethany Young dressed exactly the same as Ali? Melissa admitted to not being able to look at Ali’s face upon discovering her body- hence her not seeing it wasn’t Ali in the first place- but why would Bethany be dressed the same?

Assuming- and that is not necessarily a safe assumption- that Melissa did as she said, then why would someone set-up Bethany that way? Sure, there’s always the possibility that she saw something she shouldn’t have at Radley the night Toby’s mom died and was killed for it, but then why dress her the same way? Was Ali’s mom or whoever did it hoping someone would mistake her for Ali and kill her? That seems a very dubious way to get someone killed, especially since it would hinge on someone attempting it in the first place.

Like the girls said, finding out a key piece of the puzzle only makes you want to know more, because this piece of information both adds up and doesn’t add up at all. I don’t necessarily think that Melissa is lying, but why the hell was Bethany there in the first place, dressed the way she was? Man, oh man, some crazy ish went down that night, didn’t it?

The other big reveal was what went down in Ravenswood, and why Caleb had been acting so dark and downtrodden since his return. Of course, those of us who watched the “Ravenswood” spin-off know that it likely had a lot to do with the death of Miranda, but we finally discovered what else went down, as Caleb revealed that they’d taken the various jars of souls (or whatever) down to the bridge where the accident happened that killed Miranda in the first place and opened them all up, thus releasing them into the night.

After that, there was a mass appearance of fireflies in the area shortly thereafter, which Mrs. Grunwald termed a “great ascendency.” Once that went down, all of the ghosts and demons and what have you promptly disappeared from the town, including Miranda herself. However, Caleb couldn’t quite shake the feeling that it was all over, which had left him scared to sleep, lest the madness start up again, and Miranda reappear. We seemed to get the answer to that via the presence of fireflies in the area, along with the message of “Good Bye” on the prominently-placed Ouija board- all the better to pimp the upcoming movie about one.

Yes, it was all a little pat, and a bit of a letdown, all things considered, but at least they tried to throw fans of the show a bone and give them some semblance of an idea as to where they were headed with all of that. I do think if the show had kept going they would have given us a much more elaborate explanation and ending than that, but it is what it is, and at the very least, Caleb can hopefully get back to normal. Either that, or he wasn’t wrong about Miranda not being finished with him, in which case that Ouija might have a longer shelf life after all, but I doubt it. I think this was as good an explanation as we’re going to get, sad to say. “Ravenswood,” we hardly knew ye.

Other stuff: “A” stopped the girls from going to the cops via a tower of TVs in a display at a shop near the precinct, in which a photo of Ali in her candy striper outfit (which would prove she was alive after being thought dead and the girls knew about it) appeared, along with a message- “Act normal, bitches.” They did, and opted to hold off on the cops for the time being. Note also that “A” or whoever that was packing- still think it’s Melissa!- also had a candy striper outfit.

Emily visited Ezra and had him investigate Cyrus, who turned out to be a petty criminal with no hard convictions, but lots of arrests- and aliases. Sound familiar? And who was that with him in the pictures? None other than Ali, another mistress of disguise. What exactly did Ali have on this guy? Emily was determined to find out, but knew it must be something worse than confessing to a crime he didn’t commit and could well have gone down for had Ali not stalled for just enough time for him to get released.

Tanner’s investigation into Ali and the girls is obviously heating up as well. After warning them about Cyrus still being on the loose, she not so subtly implied that she thought the girls might be involved with Bethany’s death, noting that it took place near all of their respective houses. She later followed that up with a visit to Aria’s father, who she told that the girls were all suspects in a homicide, and that one of them was coming forward to talk tomorrow morning, so he would be wise to tell Aria she could still get in front of this thing if she came in, too.

The other girls all denied it being them, of course, but couldn’t it be Ali? After all, now there’s something to connect the girls to both Shana and Bethany (i.e. the Radley scrapbook thing and the visit to the stables), and it would be just like Ali to throw someone else under the bus. Not exactly helping matters was the fact that the girls were steadfastly avoiding her, and not just Emily, who told Ali off in last week’s episode.

Finally, there was a great series of scenes with Aria and Mona facing off, with Aria ultimately cutting the deepest after shooting daggers out of her eyes as per usual, when confronted with the sight of Mona and her brother dating. Interestingly, her father Byron (looking quite dapper in his film noir ready ensemble, complete with Fedora) sided with her, but wisely advised not to stir the pot with Mike, lest it drive him even closer to Mike. Not much for subtlety, Aria whisper thinly-veiled threats to Mona at the showing of- what else? – a Hitchcock movie, “Strangers on a Train” in this case.

From the sound of the confrontation in that super-lush bathroom later on, Aria said something to the effect that she was going to tell her father that Mona was the one who blew the whistle on her father about his affair, thus ensuring that it would put a swift end to her and Mike’s ongoing relationship. Ouch!

Mona admitted she was losing control of the “Army” and that Ali had managed to sweet talk most of her former enemies into complacency, causing her to go back to being a mostly solo act again. Mona’s convinced Ali is about to bring the hammer down on her- and then come after the girls next. She also knows “some things” about Cyrus and New York, but wouldn’t say what and Aria was smart enough not to press her on that one.

While I don’t doubt that Ali might have something planned for Mona, we also know that Mona has something planned for Ali as well- possibly in cahoots with Melissa, who heavily implied to Spencer last week that some serious shiz was about to go down with Ali and Spencer might want to duck and take cover, lest it spill over onto her. Whatever it was, it likely involved a third male party that Melissa either paid off or gave the Ali tape to. Many thought Cyrus, but some think it might well be Ezra, which would certainly be interesting, as I don’t think we’ve seen much interaction between those two before.

Whatever the case, Melissa clearly left town to distance herself from whatever’s about to go down, and the resulting fallout, no doubt. Lots of stuff to ponder before the big mid-season finale, to be sure, not in the least who is allegedly going to bite it, as implied by next week’s preview. Many were going with Melissa, saying she knew way too much, but I’m not so sure, least of all with her having left town.

It’s unlikely that it would be any of the girls- but it could well be Mona, as she herself somewhat predicted. It could also be any of the main guys: Ezra, Caleb or Toby. I don’t think they’re quite done with Ezra yet, but the others…could be. There’s also various other hangers-on to consider: Jenna, Sydney, and Paige (who, I must say, never looked better than she did out on her hot date- from the look on her face, Emily certainly agreed), for instance. Last but not least, there’s the parents. Feel free to place your bets below!

So, what are your predictions for the mid-season finale of “Pretty Little Liars”? Who will die? Who will the killer be? Why will they do it? Will it be “A” or someone else responsible? Will the perpetrator(s) frame someone else for it? Will it be one of the girls, perhaps? Or one of Mona’s Army, whatever’s left of it, that is? Is Melissa privy to more than she’s letting on, even in light of her impassioned confession? (I know, I know: let it go, but I can’t!) Sound off below and see you for the big finale!