Under the Dome Season 2 Review “Awakening”

Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 8 Awakening 2

On the latest episode of “Under the Dome,” as Barbie tried his best to get in contact with Julia, Big Jim decided to try and fill his formidable shoes as the new Sheriff in town- something that didn’t go over well with more than a few people. Meanwhile, Pauline did her best to try and get through to Lyle, including talking Sam into injecting him with the ever-popular “experimental drug” that seems to come up as needed in shows like this in situations like this where people with mental/medical issues need to be fixed quick to forward the plot. Deus ex machina, table for one! (Hey, at least they’re honoring a tried and true Stephen King trope, even if they are changing the end game!)

First up, Barbie called in a favor to dear old dad to contact Julia, which he agreed to- sort of. While his dad did allow him to email Julia, it was one way only, and, to make matters worse, his father doctored the email, including a note for her to take the egg with her when she jumped off the cliff. Not sure what he wants with the egg, but the very fact that he knows about it is suspect, which leads me to believe he not only knows way more than he’s letting on, but probably knows about the red door in the woods as well, though he conveniently forgot to mention all of that to his son. Though, to be fair, Barbie did hack into his password and aid someone in downloading all of his computer’s contents, which can’t be good- not in the least as the hacker was in his employ.

The hacker in question was Hunter (Max Ehrich), who Barbie’s father hired under duress when he caught Hunter hacking into Aktaion Energy. The choice was his: work for AE as head of web security to keep others from doing what he did, or go to jail for what he did. Needless to say, he went for the former. Now, clearly looking to get free of Don Barbara (Brett Cullen), he enlisted Barbie to help him get into his computer, promising him that he’d help him get another message to Julia, as well as help him get to a particular part of the dome to meet her, in exchange for downloading some info from his father’s computer, which he did.

Alas, while Barbie got Julia the message in time to keep her from jumping off the cliff, much less bringing the egg with her, his sojourn to the dome did not go so well, as he was apprehended before barely getting a word in edgewise to her. Basically, he told her it wasn’t safe out there (as in outside the dome), and to stay put and not jump off the cliff. But will she listen? She did want to send a message to him via the cliff, which was smart, but that’s probably not going to happen anymore. Hopefully, even if she does jump, she’ll leave the egg behind and keep it out of the hands of Barbie’s dad or whoever knows about it. Although, to be fair, who knows why Barbie’s dad even wants it? But the fact that he used his son to try and get it doesn’t seem on the up and up to me, so I choose to be dubious.

Though the experimental drug that Pauline wanted to give Lyle was also sketchy, it seemed to have worked, at least, and Lyle remembered who he was and what was going on, for the most part, including that he’d brought Pauline’s postcards with him when he crossed over to Zenith. Most of them predicted what had already happened in the dome- though Sam played off the locker one- save one that Pauline had yet to send: a picture of a red door, likely the one in Don’s backyard wooded area. But can any of them do anything with this information, really?

Meanwhile, Big Jim was dealing with someone who was clearly out to get him, having destroyed the windmill, set fire to a car from BJ’s car lot underneath the billboard advertising his business, and then ultimately knocking him out and handcuffing him to one of the jail cells at the precinct. The person in question? Phil, who was none too happy that BJ left him hanging in the wind after he pulled that food job for him. Fortunately for BJ, his son came to the rescue and a fight ensued, with Phil coming out on the losing end and going back into his former cell.

That was about it, save maybe the info that Don and his people had figured out how to contact people within the dome via Wi-Fi, which was how he was able to “help” his son contact Julia. However, he sold it to the military, who are probably not going to be thrilled when they discover it was Don’s son they apprehended at the end of the episode. Least of all since Don has a “back door” into said Wi-Fi that he can still use to communicate with people there, if he so chooses, which was not part of their agreed-upon deal. The question is, who’s the real bad side here? Is it the military or Don and Aktaion Energy? Or someone else, for that matter?

All in all, it was a decent episode, even if not much was accomplished. Obviously, the show is going to have to pad things out a bit here and there, especially having already changed a lot from the book as it was to sustain the premise for a second season. Like it or not, we sort of needed this episode to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B.’ But we really need to get some forward momentum sooner than later, because there’s been a fair amount of treading water since the first few episodes, which were relatively exciting and action-packed, with some real movement in the plot. The last few have been mostly set-up in comparison, although I will fully admit I didn’t see the whole cliff-passage-to-Zenith thing coming, even though I did figure Barbie wasn’t dead.

What did you think of “Under the Dome” this week? Did you enjoy the show, or are you also ready for some more distinct answers? Will Barbie get back to Julia? Or will someone else take the cliff plunge? How will the military react to Barbie having escaped the dome? What’s Barbie’s dad really up to? What’s with the red door? Let me know what you think down below and see you next week!